Accent Reduction

Accent reduction or accent modification is just what it sounds like. It is a course taught by a professional who helps you change your current accent. It does NOT teach you a language. 

What is an accent?

An accent is the unique way you or a group of people pronounce words. For example, someone from the east coast (of the United States) pronounces words much differently, especially regarding the sound /r/, than someone from the Midwest (of the United States). This is true for all regions of all countries.

Is it bad to have an accent?

NO! Everyone speaks with an accent!! Since accents are the way we pronounce words, we can never escape it.

However, some accents are more "popular" than others and some are more easily understood by others, depending upon where you live.  

Why should I change my accent?

You shouldn't....unless it is something you want to do! This is a personal choice. There is NOTHING wrong with speaking with an accent.

However, it can affect quality of life for some. At times, bilingual speakers become frustrated when others cannot understand them. If this is the case, then an accent modification course may be right for you.

I have observed first-hand how exciting and yet challenging it can be moving to a new country especially when there is a language difference. My now husband moved to the United States from Colombia 6 months prior to me meeting him. He was just learning English at that time.

I am thankful for the opportunity of helping him learn English and modify his accent. I have seen his confidence grow!

What is the difference between accent reduction and ESL?

ESL (English as a second language) teaches students English including grammar, vocabulary, etc...

Accent modification courses do not teach English. They teach how to pronounce the words you are already know. Actually, most  courses require you to already know some English.

Top reasons to enroll in an accent reduction course

  1. Improve performance at work
  2. Assimilate to new culture
  3. Won't have to repeat yourself 
  4. Easier to talk on the phone and be understood
  5. People take you more seriously
  6. Feel less self-conscious
  7. Improve public speaking abilities
  8. For fun!

Again, these are all personal reasons! There is nothing clinical or wrong when speaking with an accent.

If you are interested in changing your accent...

If you live in the Chicago or Chicago-land, we can help you accent modification. Please click here, services, to schedule a consultation. 

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