Teach S Today!

Does your child have difficulty saying the /S/ sound? Does your child have a lisp that won't go away? Is your child attending speech therapy but you are looking for more practical ways to target /S/ at home? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place!  Child speech S Tutorial: Teach "S" Today can help!

For only $9.99, this eBook can be yours instantly. That is about 1/12 of ONE speech therapy session.

teach S at home

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The Pesky /S/!!

/S/ is a difficult sound to pronounce correctly and it can be difficult to teach. One reason being that /S/ is a later developing sound. If it doesn't self-correct by 8 years of age, we have 8 years of a "bad" speech habit to break and then correct! 

This tutorial will not only explain how to teach /S/ to your child and provide you with all the materials you really need, but it will also help your child correct some behavior patterns such as thumb sucking or open mouth posture that may be confounding the problem. 

This tutorial is written by a speech-language pathologist and includes everything you will need to Teach "S" Today!

Why does my child need to learn /S/?

Speech skills refer to how well a person pronounces words. These skills are important as they can affect:
  • Reading abilities
  • Writing abilities
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Confidence
  • Learning in the classroom

If a child has a speech disorder, he or she is at risk for: 

  • Reading difficulties
  • Writing difficulties
  • Behavioral issues

Why does my child have to practice at home?

Home practice is critical, especially for speech therapy/articulation practice. Your child may receive speech therapy once or even twice a week but this is not nearly enough to make a new speech habit! To change a motor pattern, a child needs lots of practices.

Parents have daily access to their child and therefore have MANY opportunities to practice sound pronunciation. 

What will you learn in this tutorial?

  • How to say the /S/ sound correctly
  • Effective ways to teach /S/
  • Effective visual, verbal, and tactile cues
  • A Step-by-step explanation of motor practice principles
  • Review of articulation practice
  • How-to-guide to stop "bad habits" such as thumb sucking
  • Learn the importance of positive reinforcement
  • Articulation practice plan that is adaptable for any child
  • Word lists & practice logs
  • Drills and practices for teaching /S/
  • Generalization games that can be easily played throughout the day
  • All the materials you really need for practice!

What is different about Child Speech S Tutorial?

There are many books and materials out there that talk about how to work on /S/. However, I found these materials either incomplete or too focused on the drill phase. While the drill phase is important, it is just one step in the process.

Child Speech S Tutorial, Teach "S" Today, stands out because it explains the process in detail for parents and then allows the parents to implement natural practices at home. There are no endless amounts of non-functional worksheets or simple apps that only work on a few words! Worksheets may help initially during the teaching phase. Apps may decrease the amount of work and/or interaction needed from parents, but they do not achieve long-lasting results.

This tutorial is written for parents and caregivers who are looking for effective ways to practice /S/ throughout the day without adding more “homework” to their child’s already busy schedule. 

The focus of this book is incorporating your child's progress and newly learned skills into daily activities and games. If this is accomplished, children’s chances of success are much higher! 

Who should buy this tutorial?

  • Parents
  • Caregivers
  • Grandparents
  • Teachers
  • Speech-Language Pathologists

Where can buy Child Speech S Tutorial: Teach "S" Today?

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