Holiday Speech Therapy

The holidays are full of festive cheer! Below you will find free holiday speech therapy ideas.

Scan through the images below and click on a picture. Each page will have speech and language therapy ideas for all ages. Each activity or free download can be adjusted to target multiple goals.

My whole goal in my professional life is to cut down on planning time. I take great pride in being able to use the same game or idea for all ages, all abilities, and all goals. The key is to be flexible and creative!

Have fun and leave a note at the end if you have some ideas to try!

Free Holiday Speech Therapy List

Summer Ideas

Christmas Ideas

Trick/Treat Cards

Valentine's Day

Fall Cut/Paste

Winter Hidden Pics

Winter Board Game

Spring Hidden Pics

Halloween Ideas

Wrapping Paper

Gingerbread Man

St. Patrick's Day

Candy Articulation

Winter Prepositions

Spring Artic

Winter Articulation

Fall Materials

Winter Games

Spring Board Game

Spring I Spy

Fall Articulation

Valentine's Game

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Have FUN with all your speech and language learning!

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