Halloween Speech Therapy Ideas

Kids love Halloween so you can use that to your advantage to create engaging and motivating speech therapy sessions with our Halloween speech therapy ideas. 

Halloween Speech Therapy Ideas

Halloween Speech Therapy Ideas

If you scroll down, you can print off the following images:

  • Pumpkins
  • Pumpkins faces
  • Haunted houses
  • Candy
  • Trick or treat bag

You can print out the images and use them in therapy any way you like. For ideas on how to use each image, keep reading. There are some great ones!

Pumpkin Hunt

To use the pumpkins, I have a new idea!

For social communication:

If you have a student(s) with social communication needs, print out the pumpkins and then hand them out to staff such as specials teachers or office staff (whoever has a break during your session). Then, you and your student(s) go on a pumpkin hunt! Walk around the school and have your student(s) ask the staff if they have a pumpkin.

Skills targeted:

  • Asking questions
  • Initiating conversation
  • Body language
  • Transitions

Haunted House

I have 2 options for you!

1. Following directions/prepositions

Print out haunted houses and the pictures that follow it. Lay the pictures out on a table. Then give your student(s) directions to follow such as:

  1. Glue the bat over the chimney
  2. Put the spider next to the door
  3. Put a pumpkin under the spider
  4. Glue a ghost next to the house
  5. Glue a cat between the ghost and the spider

You get the idea...right?! Print this sheet out for the directions and then print out the manipulatives and haunted house and get to work!

2. Articulation at the phrase/sentence level

  • Students must use a carrier phrase with their target sound when asking for pictures to glue on their haunted houses.

Some examples:

  • /k/an I have....? 
  • I nee/d/......
  • I wan/t/.....

Click here for more information on articulation therapy and speech disorders. We have lots of free materials and guides for you!

Candy Language Mania

Work on adverbs/descriptive language while making candy treat bags.

I LOVE this game to target vocabulary and grammar. 

How to play:

  1. Give your students the treat bag and lay the candy pieces out of reach on the table. You can use paper bags or a bucket to make it more fun if you have them.
  2. The students take turns asking for a piece of candy to glue on their paper or put in a bucket; however, you CAN'T point or use hands!!
  3. The students must describe the candy using shape, size, color, or pattern words such as "Can I have the striped candy?"
  4. You can target a variety of goals with this one game and kids usually love it. It is very functional too!

Knowing vocabulary and grammar is imperative! If your child or student has difficulty with this, consider Preschool Talk 2.0 to practice these skills functionally and easily!

Spooky Narrative Language Game

Using the haunted house, have the students glue on pictures. Once everyone is done, take turns making up stories about each haunted house.

Make sure to include:

  • Location (where)
  • Characters (who)
  • Time (when)
  • Problem (what happened)
  • Resolution (ending)

Find free ways to practice narrative structure throughout the day here: Narrative structure basics.  

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