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Valentine's Day Activity

Valentine’s day is all about friendship, love, and fun! Enjoy my speech therapy valentine's day activity.

I have 2 free activities here:

  1. Teletherapy - guessing game
  2. Printable activity

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speech therapy valentines day

Speech Therapy Valentine's Vocabulary Guessing Game!

I created a fun "guessing game" that runs through different components of a vocabulary word (function, category, description) etc. It is no-print and uses Google Slides.

To Use Materials:

You can use these materials in either “edit mode” or “presentation mode.”

Presentation mode: 

  • Press present and then click a slide for a clue to “appear.” 
  • Click again for another clue, etc… 
  • Once all clues have appeared, click again and the bag will disappear (object will appear)

Edit mode:

  • Read through all the clues.
  • click on the bag and move it to the side to reveal the picture

Free Materials:

Speech Therapy Valentine's Day Activity: No Hands

To celebrate this fun holiday, I created an easy-to-use, low prep activity. You can use this activity any which way you want to; however, I will explain my favorite “game” to play with any child. It is adaptable to target any speech or language skill.

How To Play:

  • Print and cut out the valentine card and decorations 
  • Give a blank card to each student
  • Place the decorations on the table but out of reach 
  • Each student gets a turn to choose a decoration to glue on their card; HOWEVER, no one can point to the desired pictures (hence the “no hands” name). 
  • Instead, each person has to describe which picture he/she wants using some attribute such as color, size, pattern, shape, category, or function. 

Skills To Target:

Again, you can target any skill; however, below are some of my favorites.

  • Grammar (verb tense, pronouns)
  • Use of complete sentences/complex sentences 
  • Length of utterance 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Descriptive vocabulary (size, color, shape)
  • Articulation  
  • Sorting*

* For Sorting: Organize the decorations by attribute before starting the game. This is a great idea if your students need a lot of cues or are still in the direct teaching phase of learning. Some ideas for categories are:

  • Colors
  • Location 
  • Shape

How To Cue:

Cueing during this game is the most crucial part! Use the pictures as the visual prompts.

  • If a child is having trouble describing a desired picture, use the pictures themselves as visual prompts. For example, if a student says “I want a heart,” lay out all the hearts. 
  • Then, verbally prompt for another category such as color or size. 
  • As the student adds another descriptive vocabulary word, take the pictures away until one is left. 
  • Then, the student repeats the whole phrase. For example, “I want the small, red heart.”

Easy and effective!

Following Directions: Preschool to Early Elementary

If your child or student needs to work on following directions, this is a great activity to work on just that!

Following directions requires a person to know vocabulary, have working memory skills, and adequate attention.

Below are some practice ideas for following directions while making a card. Make sure to pay attention to the type of "direction" words you are using and be aware of your child's vocabulary level as well as attention. 

Sequential: This direction is multi-step and something has to be done first, second, etc..

  • First, glue and on the heart and then the balloon.

Before/After:  This is a temporal direction. Your child has to do something before or after he/she does something else. This is TRICKY!

  • Before you glue on the candy, glue on a heart.

Spatial:  Give a direction with a spatial aspect (under, over, above)

  • Put the candy under the heart

Basic: Basic means one-step, simple directions. If your child is having trouble, start here!

  • Give me the glue
  • Glue on the kisses and hugs

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