Trick or Treat Cards

Halloween is an AWESOME, sugary holiday. It’s the one time people are excited to give you bags of FREE CANDY. However, if you are non-verbal, not talking yet, or unintelligible, this holiday can be stressful. However, I am here to HELP with my trick or treat cards for non-verbal kids.

trick or treat cards for non-verbal kids

Trick or treat cards: How to use them


  1. Print them out.... make a few copies
  2. Cut them out and sort them into 3 piles
  3. Place them in 3 envelopes to keep yourself organized


  1. Have your child ring the doorbell
  2. Give him/her a “trick or treat” card
  3. Encourage your child to give the card to the adult at the door (this is a great communication practice)
  4. Once your child gets a piece of candy, have your child give a “thank you” and/or “happy Halloween” card
  5. If possible, have your child try to say the phrase on the card
  6. Keep it simple. You don’t have to explain a thing. Just HAVE FUN with your child!

Click below to print them out


There are a few cards out there with A LOT of information about your child and your child’s disabilities. If you like these, great! Use them! Whatever works best for you family, right?!

However, for me, Halloween is about having fun and not about explaining why your child isn’t able to communicate verbally. It might also embarrass your child to have long conversations about why he/she isn’t able to say “trick or treat.” Therefore, I made this cards to keep it simple! 

As a bonus, Halloween is an amazing time to practice communication during a super motivating activity (free candy).

To capitalize on this, these simple cards allow children to have fun, be successful communicators, and have A LOT of practice communicating and receiving a fun reward (candy)!


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Have a great and SAFE holiday!

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