Language Development Activities For Toddlers

Welcome! I have A LOT of information and language development activities for toddlers for you so take your time to explore.

Below is a wealth of knowledge and free game ideas depending on the area of need such as listening skills, first words, etc...

It is important to have easy and fun language development activities at your fingertips since toddlers will have an exponential growth in their speech and language skills during the next few years.

Free Language Development Activities

Click on an area of language below to find games. Read one or all.

Importance of Language

Speech and language abilities allow us to communicate wants and needs, form relationships, express ideas, learn in school, and enjoy life! 

Early language years, starting at birth, are VERY important. Language skills build upon each other and areas of delay can cause learning, communicating, and/or behavior problems.

Our speaking and listening skills are closely tied to our reading and writing abilities too. Many children with speech and language delays will experience reading and writing disorders.

The good news is prevention through language-full play within the first five years of life can GREATLY decrease speech, language, reading, and writing difficulties in later years. 

All you need is in a book...Toddler Talk 2.0

If you are looking to learn specific, research-proven toddler language learning strategies and more language development activities, check out our eBook, Toddler Talk! Here, you will learn effective techniques to help your late talker to talk. Parents can make the biggest difference in their children’s learning. 

This isn’t a quick fix or a cookie cutter program. I’ll save you the trouble since they don’t work! This book gives concise background information, easy to follow scripts, and game ideas. 

I wrote this book for parents, caregivers and professionals working with young children. Read more here

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