Late Talker Therapy Activities

This is the place to learn about late talker therapy activities that can be used at home or during speech therapy.

Before we jumped into all the materials, I will review my therapy process for designing late talker resources. 

late talker therapy activities

All of my late talker therapy activities are:

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Okay, now you know how to talk and play with your toddler, "the speech therapy way."

Late Talker Therapy Activities: Games

We are ready to get to the good stuff. Please explore the following pages to find ways to support your late talker in therapy or at home. These pages are great for both professionals and parents.

  1. Top late talker games: Great for encouraging first words
  2. Reading To Toddlers: Reading is one of the BEST ways to develop language
  3. Free eBook on How to Read to Toddler: Learn more techniques here
  4. Toddler Talk 2.0: This is our most popular eBook. For only $19.99, you will learn invaluable techniques and functional games
  5. Vocabulary Games: Read about some of my favorite functional vocabulary games. 

Bilingual Families

If you are a bilingual family and have a late talker, I feel your pain. I was in your shoes a few short years ago.

Read about my personal tips at:

Personal Experience

One of my children was a late talker, and it was TOUGH! You can read more about my personal experience here.

He is doing better but I monitor his speech and language development since children who are late talkers have a high risk of developing a language disorder.

How To BOOST your child's development

For those parents who want to "attack" this late talker thing head on, I have 2 options for you! 

Toddler Talk 2.0: Techniques & Games is our MOST popular eBook for many reasons including its ability to:

  • Empower parents to be the catalyst of change for their child!
  • Provide professionals with parent handouts & therapy ideas
  • Encourage first words without stress and tears!
  • Use only research proven, FUNCTIONAL therapy ideas
  • Help children build life-changing language skills needed for social and academic development

Speech Therapy Talk Membership

  • Access to hundreds of pages of materials for articulation and language
  • Login from any device and practice
  • "How to" guides for articulation therapy for ALL sounds
  • Functional language games
  • Complete ENGLISH and SPANISH articulation program
  • Tailored activities for all developmental speech & language milestones
  • Updated with new material

Free Late Talker Handout

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Free Late Talker Handout

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Free Late Talker Materials

Need More?

Of course, if you are concerned about your child, please contact us for a free consultation or to schedule an evaluation or therapy. If you are not in the Chicago area, click here to find a speech-language pathologist near you. 

If you want more technical information on late talkers and language development, please refer to

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