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Being a parent is a TOUGH job! It is both rewarding and challenging in the same breath. When a child has a special need such as a speech or language disorder, parenting can be even more challenging. I have been listening to my readers, and it seems like parenting tips for children with special needs is a huge area of concern.

Read below for my answers to frequently asked questions.

Parenting Tips For Speech and Language

Enjoy and leave a comment if you are interested in a certain area and I will do my best to help. 

Topics For Parenting Tips!

Speech Therapy Parenting Tips Home Practice Guide

Speech therapy home practice. What is TOO MUCH? What is TOO LITTLE? 

Having a child with a speech and/or language disorder is stressful enough. However, the stress doesn’t end there. Parents must get their child an evaluation, review the results, decide on what/where their child will receive services, find a therapist that is the right fit, and THEN support their child’s goals at home throughout the week. I hope with these tips, I can ease a little stress.

Read more here.

How To Ask Your Child About Their Day!

Do you ever ask your child about his or her day (i.e., “what did you do today at school?”) and he/she says “nothing!” 

Sound common? Well, I can help! 

I wrote tips on how to ask your children about their day even if they have a communication disorder! This is a must read!

Read more here.

Attention Deficit, Behavior Troubles, or Speech/Language Delay?

Do you wonder if your child isn’t talking because he/she doesn’t want to? Ever wonder if your child’s decreased attention span is affecting his/her speech and language development? 

Well, you are not alone. 

This is a common question. Read more here!

Diagnosis Necessary?

Many parents stress and fret over evaluation results and labels. While they may be necessary, there are not the end all, be all! Read more here.

Discipline Parenting Tips

Disciplining a child is one of the most challenging things a parent faces. Are you doing it right? Is the child learning anything? How can I STOP THIS BEHAVIOR?!

Well, I am not an expert in discipline but I AM an expert in speech and language. 

When a child has special needs, there are special considerations needed during discipline. 


Need to buy a present? I can help! 

What to buy? What is worth the money? What toys are educational? Read my tips below for guidance. 

Are Pacifiers Bad?

Are pacifiers bad? Will my child’s speech development be affected by pacifier use? 

These are COMMON questions. Click and find out once and for all the answer!!!

Screen Time - How much is too much? Parenting Tips!

Screen Time For Kids: We must worry about the amount of screen time children acquire daily. 

Read more to find out why.

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