Best Toys For Toddlers

This is your one-stop shopping guide for the best toys for toddlers! You can find toys that are educational, fun, and affordable. 

Best Toys

Are you wondering what to buy your toddler? Are you scared of falling for all the hype and being stuck with a useless toy? 

Don't Worry! We are here to help!

Below are toys that inspire creativity, language, and motor development. These toys are worth the money and your children will have fun and learn at the same time!

The other beauty is that all toys can be found on Amazon which means avoiding crowded parking lots and long lines!!

Wish List For Best Toys!

1. Squirrel game

What an adorable game! This game is for older toddlers and preschool age children alike. Children will grow with this game. Your child will be exposed to counting, matching, colors and the important skill of turn-taking. These are important skills to start early!

Works On: Colors, Color Matching, Turn-Taking, Counting, Attention

2. Gears

Gears are one of my favorite building tools for toddlers. The movement of the gears is fascinating for children which helps keep them engaged. The creativity for building is also endless. It is only limited by imagination!

Works On: Gross and Find Motor, Colors, Cause and Effect, Constructive Play

3. Play Tent

Toddler play tents are one of the best toys to inspire pretend play as well as active play. They are versatile and relatively inexpensive. Almost all children love them too.

Works On: Pretend Play, Creativity

4. Easel

Easels are literally a blank canvas for a whole world of creating and designing. Children love to color and draw but they love it even more on an easel. Give the gift of art this year! 

Works On: Everything! I use art projects to target speech and language goals. For example, draw and say /b/ words. Draw all the foods you can think of (categorization).

5. Farm

I use a farm in almost every speech therapy session when working with toddlers. They are fantastic for vocabulary building, story-telling, and following directions. Children also love animals and animal noises. The various sounds and doors of this farm teach fantastic cause and effect skills t00.

Works On: Vocabulary Naming, Following Directions, Imitating, Motor Skills, Early Oral Narrative Story-Telling, Sequencing4

6. Legos oldie but goodie! You can NEVER go wrong with legos. They are one of the best toys on the market. What I enjoy about these legos is the size. Children can easily manipulate them without the risk of choking. What I also love is that they are not "paint by number." Children have the freedom to create whatever they want, not follow step-by-step instructions!

Works On: Motor Skills, Creativity, Building, Colors, Shapes

7. Pounding Bench

Let your toddler take out all of their awesome energy in a productive way...pounding shapes!  This one is a favorite for toddlers once they understand how to use it. Before that, toddler enjoys the shapes and tools in other ways.

Works On: Hand-Eye Coordination, Motor Skills, Colors, Following Directions

8. Trains

Trains, trains, trains. All kids LOVE trains! The great thing about train sets is the ability to create your own. Don't buy the paint by number train set where you set it up and then your child pushes a train in a circle. That is silly. Buy a bunch of tracks and CREATE something. Lots of language and problem-solving skills will flourish.

Works On: Motor Skills, Problem-Solving, Vocabulary, Giving Directions

9. Car Carrier

I can't get enough of Melissa & Doug toys...Honestly! This is another gem. The cars are durable, trust me. They are still in one piece after a year. The car carrier is quite an addition. Toddlers love stuffing the carrier full of treasures and moving them all over the house!

Works On: Motor Skills, Movement, First Words

10. Fruit Cutting Set

Play food is great for language and learning. Toddlers also LOVE handling food, which they see on a daily basis, all by themselves. I like this set in particular for the cutting action. You can introduce abstract concepts such as half, cut, and counting. Also, it is just really cool!

Works On: Vocabulary, Matching, Colors, Counting, First Words (eat, cut)

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