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Create kids toys has arrived to make your life a little easier this year. Browse my top 10 fun but yet educational toys for children ages 5-8 years old.

I may be on a bit of a soapbox here but I am SICK AND TIRED of young kids playing video games and with fake violent toys. Elementary age kids are KIDS and we, as parents, need to foster their imagination and cognitive development.

Let's inspire creative kids together!

Top 10: Creative Kids Toys
(ages 5-8)

1. Suspend

This is a fun family game targeting balance and turn-taking skills. Kids can also play by themselves and see what they can build. Either way, your school-age child will love this game while simultaneously improving problem-solving and reasoning skills. 

Works On: Turn-Taking, Attention, Fine Motor, Problem-Solving

2. Spot It

I enjoy Spot It since it can be adapted to meet the level of any child. It is a simple game about matching objects; however, you can create your own rules to target vocabulary, similarities, differences, etc...The other great thing about this game is its size. It can fit in any bag. During your travels, your family can have language learning fun in the car instead of screen time!

Works On: Attention, Matching, Vocabulary Naming, Any Language Goal You Want To Create!

3. Snap Circuits

This is a new game for me but it is AWESOME! I may be partial with 2 boys who are science-minded and a scientist for a husband, but let's spark an interest in science instead of video games. This game has a wow factor that might actually achieve this goal 🙂 Most importantly, this is a great gift for GIRLS too!

Works On: Motor Skills, Problem-solving, Creativity, STEM!

4. Butterfly Garden

Create a science lesson out of this one. Watch a caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly right in your own home. Science vocabulary and narrative structure through story-telling are just a few ways to target language learning through this great gift!

Works On: Vocabulary, Science, Narrative Structure, Responsibility

5. Magic Set

If your child is interested in magic, this is a GREAT gift! This magic kit is one of the most comprehensive magic kits out there for the price. This gift will definitively inspire creative kids.

Works On: Imagination, Problem Solving, Confidence, Expressive Language

6. Kinetic Sand

This gift is appropriate for creative kids. Kinetic sand is a great idea for kids who like to build and need some sensory input but have outgrown play dough.

Works On: Motor Skills, Creativity, Sensory Input

7. Pie In The Face

I'll jump on the bandwagon with this one. For one, it is funny and super motivating for kids to play! So, if a little pie is what it takes to get a kid to join family night and practice social skills such as turning-taking and losing....I'll take it!

Works On: Turn-Taking, Language

8.Mind Blowing

For all the science lovers out there, this is a fantastic way to go. This kit contains everything you need to make basic but yet exciting scientific experiments!

Works On: Science, Problem-Solving, Following Directions

9. Apples to Apples Junior

This board game is a speech therapist's dream. It is also a dream for my students because they don't even know they are working...they are too busy having fun! In this language-filled game, children will work on similarities/differences and comparative language. It is great for building vocabulary too!

Works On: Vocabulary, Similarities, Differences, Comparisons 

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