Road Trip Games
For Speech Therapy Practice

These road trip speech games make it easy to squeeze in extra speech and language practice without adding any more to your plate.

Actually, these games are fun to do! Even better, right?!

Road Trip Speech Games By Age

Since children of varying ages will have varying language abilities, I divided up the games by age. If you are unsure, start with the first game. It is always better to start with the easier games first!

 3 Years Old or Under

 6 Years Old or Under 

 8 Years Old or Under

Purpose of Road Trip Games

Time in the car is gold and rarely do people cash it in! Car ride games are great for language learning opportunities.

We are constantly driving from the pool, school, daycare, classes, the library, shopping. Why not use that time wisely?!

Even a quick trip to the grocery store can be the perfect time for easy, fun learning! 

I cringe when I see families always on their "devices" in the car. It is such a wasted opportunity. Of course, there are THOSE days or endless hours in a car when mommy and daddy need a break. I UNDERSTAND that!


When you are up for it, put down the phones, Ipads, and DVD players and get playing!

General Tips

A few reminders when trying to work on speech and language skills while driving:

  • Be safe! Always pay attention to the road first
  • Have fun! Don’t make playing games in the car work. It is suppose to be fun!
  • Don’t over-correct! Just support and model correct answers for your child
  • Follow your child’s lead
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