Road Trip Games Under 3 Years Old

Here your will find road trip games for children under 3 years old. These games will have a speech and language focus. 

You can start a good habit early! Car rides can be a language learning time, not just extra screen time!

Read below for my top 5 road trip games for the little ones.

1. "I See"

How To Play: Say “I see____.” Then, take turns finding the object the other person saw. That’s it! After an object is found, give one more bit of information for extra language input.

For example, if your child says “I see a dog.” Say, “I see a dog, a big brown dog.“

What It Works On: Vocabulary development, turn taking, 3 word phrases

2. Sing

How To Play: It’s easy. Sing!                              

What It Works On: Music is great for language development including grammar, rhyming words, vocabulary, turn-taking, cause and effect, memory, you name it! Not to mention the many claimed cognitive benefits of music.

Singing is also a great way to get children with language delays to start to vocalize or even start talking. 

3. Favorites

How To Play: Start a conversation by saying “I like” or “my favorite is ____.” Then. have your child take a turn.

For example, you might say, “I like to eat apples.” Then, prompt your child to tell your his/her favorite food or fruit. Your child might then say “I like pears.” Keeping taking turns to practice naming more objects from the same category.

What It Works On: Vocabulary, categories, multiple word phrases

4. Color Game

How To Play: You or your child names something out the window and identifies the color.

For example, you might say “I see a house. It is a red house.” Then, take turns finding other red things.

What It Works On: Colors, vocabulary, turn taking, categories, describing

5. Animal Game

How To Play: Name an animal and have your child make the animal sound. Or, the opposite, make an animal sound and have your child guess the animal!

What It Works On: Vocabulary, describing

More Free Games

The games listed above are great for young toddlers or toddlers with speech and language delays. They are simple, fun, and purposeful. 

If you want to explore more car ride games, check out the following pages:


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