Road Trip Games Under 6

Find some great road trip games to play with your children who are 6 years old or younger. The car is an excellent place and convenient time to connect with your child while having fun playing language games! 

Below are my top 5 road trip games for children under 6.

1. Sing

How To Play: It’s easy. Sing!

What It Works On: 

Music is great for language development including grammar, rhyming words, vocabulary, turn taking, cause and effect, memory, you name it! Not to mention the many claimed cognitive benefits of music.

2. Rhyme Time

How To Play: 

You or your child finds any object outside. Then, take turns naming words that rhyme with the found object. You can use real or made-up words. Whoever is the last person to think of a rhyming word gets to start the next round.

What It Works On

Rhyming. Rhyming is a very important pre-literacy and phonological awareness skill.

3. I Spy

How To Play: 

This is a classic game. A person starts by saying “I spy with my little eye something....” and then finishes the phrase with a clue about an object. The other people in the car have to guess what it is based on the clue. The clues can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be.

What It Works On: 

I Spy is great for working on describing skills and categorization. Being able to categorize an object by an attribute (color, size, function, etc...) is a great skill that helps children learn and store new vocabulary words correctly.

4. Teacher and Student

How To Play:

Play school. You and your child take turns being the student or the teacher. Have fun asking questions and “grading” answers. You can have fun reviewing what your child is learning in school. 

What It works On: 

This is up to you. It will work on turn taking, planning questions, and any concept you want to talk about.

5. Category Game

How To Play: 

One person names an object. The other decides on the category of the object. Then, take turns naming other objects that fit into that category. For example, if you see a stroller, say “stroller.” Your child might say “that is a baby thing.” Take turns naming what else a baby uses.

What It Works On:

Categorization, naming, and relating common objects together. These are very important language skills for learning new vocabulary and concepts in schools.

More Free Games

The games listed above are great for preschool and early elementary aged-students. 

If you want to explore more car ride games, check out the following pages:


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