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Our Struggles

As speech therapists and parents we are:
  • Too busy to finish all the tasks on our plates
  • Sick of junk - cards, games, and papers cluttering our minds and our therapy sessions
  • Tired of wasting money on materials that collect dust in our computer files and on our shelves which we can never find in a pinch
  • Constantly feeling like we aren't getting this right (imposter syndrome!)

My Solution!

At Speech Therapy Talk, I got you! You will find:
  • TIME SAVING membership program (think of never having to plan again!)
  • AFFORDABLE options for almost ALL the materials you will need to support your students and children
  • Almost ENDLESS pages of free resources and TIPs
  • Research-based materials and ideas that you can feel good about implementing

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The ONLY AFFORDABLE membership for speech language pathologists and parents. I believe materials should be accessible for everyone!

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Say goodbye to planning and HELLO to FREE TIME! So LONG clutter and over-stuffed bags. I have 1,000s of functional and evidence-based materials ready at your fingertips


I am constantly worrying about being on top of the research and doing the best for my clients so you don't have to!

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