Spanish Speech Therapy
Articulation Program

My Spanish speech therapy articulation program was created for Spanish speaking families who need Spanish articulation materials.

As part of our Speech Therapy Membership Program, we have created an articulation home program for Spanish speakers. We have had MANY requests for more Spanish materials and I have to say.....there isn't much out there that is high- quality. So, my husband and I decided to dedicate this summer to creating materials for you.

To begin, a home articulation program will benefit both therapists (can give as homework) and parents (can practice at home)!

How Spanish speech therapy articulation program works:

Each sound has the following documents:

  • Parent Handout on Articulation Practice
  • Printable Articulation Homework Sheets
  • Picture Flashcards
  • Word Lists
  • Explanation of How to Say Each Sound
  • Cues on How to Teach Each Sound
  • Functional Game Ideas
  • Language-Based Worksheets

If you are a parent, you can explore each sound and practice as needed! If you are a professional, you can print off the homework sheets and attach the practice materials and you are done!

Want a sample? We all LOVE samples!

To get a taste, check out our materials for /p/. All you have to do is fill out the form below and the materials will pop up in the next window. 

Please REMEMBER to bookmark the Thank You Page to access the materials in the future or print/save the materials.

Why Practice at Home?

For bilingual speech therapy and especially Spanish speech therapy articulation, practice in both languages is crucial! For one, you always want to support the native language. We all know how important bilingualism is to a children and thier families.

Secondly, for articulation therapy to work, there needs to be daily practice at home. Our focus is to have home practice be as AUTHENTIC & MEANINGFUL AS POSSIBLE! For bilingual children, this isn't always possible as most materials are in English.

More Spanish Materials

Spanish Speech Therapy Articulation Program.....Want more than just P?

Yes? okay!

You have 2 options:

  1. Membership 
  2. Flashcards

1. For the MembershipAll you have to do is join our membership program! By joining, you will gain instant access to the entire bilingual home program and all the parent handouts translated into Spanish. There is lots of other stuff besides the Spanish home program as a bonus. You get the entire program in English AND parent handouts (Spanish and English).

At the moment, we have ALL THE SOUNDS FINISHED for flashcards as well as the cues and "how to say each sound" handouts. Some of the language games are done as well. We are working hard on finishing the language and functional games. We will add materials as they are created.

If you have requests for materials, contact us, and we will get right on it!

2. The Spanish Flashcards include:

  • Articulation screening tool
  • Blank homework sheets that can be filled out for home practice
  • An articulation "Parent's Cheat Sheet" translated in Spanish
  • 14 flashcard games that can be individually printed and sent home in conjunction with flashcards for each target sound
  • 16 colorful flashcards for each sound in the initial, medial, and final (when applicable) position
  • The following sounds are included: B, D, F, G, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, CH
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