Cariboo Speech Therapy 

Okay, you got me. I will admit it. I have jumped on the Cariboo speech therapy craze. My students, ranging from 2-10 years old, LOVE Cariboo. I don't necessarily get it, but I am not complaining. 

They are motivated, enjoying themselves, AND get A LOT of speech and language practice. For articulation alone, I can get more than 30 reps in just minutes. 

2 Cariboo Options!

  1. Complete Cariboo set using high-frequency words
  2. Complete Cariboo set using colorful pictures

Both sets are good but quite a bit different. Learn more below about which is right for you. 

What's Included:

Both Sets Include:

  • Cariboo cards for the following sounds: B, CH, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, SH, T, TH, V, Z
  • Cards for the initial, medial, and final position
  • 60 pages in total

High-Frequency Cards

What is different about these Cards (compared to others out there)

  • They use high-frequency words. This means children practice words that they may actually say again outside of the therapy room.
  • The words, phrases, and sentences were picked out carefully. I personally can’t stand when sentence level practice just jams in a million occurrences of the target sound. It is TOO HARD for children to transition from the phrase level to the sentence level when that happens and it destroys confidence. Instead, these cards take a single words seamlessly through each level since each level only has ONE occurrence of the target sound.
  • Images are simple and lines are clean. Ink is EXPENSIVE and I want to save everyone money.

Learn More Here

Colorful Images

This set includes high-frequency words when able but the images are colorful and attention grabbing!

Learn More Here

How to use Cariboo speech therapy cards:

You can use these cards any way you see fit....obviously. They are yours. However, I will share some of my favorite activities.


  • Single-word practice: Child has to name a card before opening it
  • Carrier phrase level practice: Child has to say "I want to open (picture)" before taking a turn
  • Sentence level practice: Child has to use the word in a sentence before taking a turn (language and artic practice)


  • Grammar: Child has to use a word (picture) in a sentence paired with a targeted grammar skill (i.e., pronouns/verb/conjunction)
  • Vocabulary: Child has to define a word (picture) before taking a turn
  • Categorization: Child has to name a category that the desired card belongs to before taking a turn or the child must find a picture that matches a certain category before opening it.
  • Function: Child has to name the function of the desired card before taking a turn
  • Location: Child has to name where he/she might find the object (picture) before taking a turn
  • Similarities/differences: Child is able to open 2 boxes after he/she states how they are similar or different

How To Access Cariboo Cards

If you are a member of Speech Therapy Talk, then simply login and click on articulation worksheets. 

The Cariboo cards will be listed under each sound. 

If you are not a member and want to try it out, click here for more information.

Otherwise, these 58 pages of Cariboo cards are only $10.00!! To buy them, simply add them to your cart, purchase them, and you will have them sent to your email immediately!

Where To Buy Cariboo (the board game)

Okay...I have some bad news for you. This game isn't for sale anymore. I found my game at a garage sale. You can also check second-hand stores or reach out to friends with older children. Below, I provided a link to Amazon just so you can check out what the game looks like and to read more about it. Now, it is for sale on Amazon for $187....that is just plain absurd. I would take my time and explore used toy sites.

More Articulation Tools

As part of our membership program, we have even more articulation materials.

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