Speech Therapy Badges

Sometimes we all need a little push to keep working on things hard for us. This is especially hard for children with communication disorders. These speech therapy badges will accomplish just that... and it is EASY to implement. 

Speech Therapy Badges

Speech Therapy Badges Uses

You can use these speech therapy badges any way you see fit. However, I have 2 recommended uses.

First, print out the needed badges and then the badge charts. I like to laminate them so they last longer (save trees).

Therapy Feedback (recommended use #1)

  • Run a therapy session or home practice per usual. 
  • When a child has a correct response (i.e., answers a "who" question during story reading task), the child receives a "who" badge for the rest of the task or the rest of the session.
  • Either have the child place the badge in front of him or her or place it on a "badge board."

Record Progress Over Time (recommended use #2)

  • A child receives a "badge board."
  • As a child meets a goal (i.e., able to say /k/ in conversation), he/she earns an articulation K badge to place on the board. 
  • The child keeps adding badges when able.

Theory Behind Badges

The main purpose of these badges:

  • Keep children aware of goals
  • Show progress visually
  • Be a constant reminder of the purpose of therapy

By using badges and badge boards, a child reviews speech therapy goals before and after each session. This is VERY important! A child MUST know what he/she is working on to make adequate progress! Speech therapy is serious, medical business (not just fun and games).

This idea is based on the important theory of self-assessment learning. Children who are able to self-assess progress and areas of need can become responsible for their own learning. Click our free self-assessment learning page for more information and a free self-assessment tool.

Also, badges show progress and children love earning them. This keeps children motivated during therapy and decreases distracting behaviors. 

What's Included

Badges and badge boards for:

  • WH Questions
  • Narrative Structure
  • Articulation
  • Vocabulary Learning
  • Pragmatic Language Skills

How To Access The Badges

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