Summer Speech Therapy

Articulation Practice

This summer, let's NOT give our speech students endless amounts of worksheets for articulation practice. Instead, let's work on articulation with some fun summer speech therapy ideas.

We all know they aren't that effective and most likely will just gather dust in a backpack. No child or parents wants to be doing worksheets all summer...and can you blame them? 

As a parent and an educator but especially as a parent, I am DONE with HOMEWORK! NO MORE pointless worksheets that kids rush through, that parents stress over, and that take away from quality family time. 

Instead, consider our Articulation Materials & Guide eBook for summer speech therapy practice!

Summer Speech Therapy Materials

Summer Speech Therapy Materials

Articulation practice should be:

  • Functional
  • Natural
  • Relevant

We all know this; however, designing a summer speech therapy home program can be tricky. It ends up mostly being worksheets....

This has been a pet peeve of mine! Therefore, I created a different type of home program, Articulation Materials & Guide eBook.

In this eBook, you will find some intro stuff that can be used at anytime:

  • Introduction on how to use the book
  • Research behind the book
  • Articulation Screening Tools
  • Data tracking sheets
  • Templates in Google Drive for easy data tracking and graphing

The summer speech therapy materials include:

  • Homework sheets/parent handouts on articulation therapy
  • General flashcard games
  • 36 flashcards for each sound: B, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, V, Z, SH, TH, CH
  • 8-10 functional games for each sound
  • Language based worksheets to spice things up!
  • Picture description tasks
  • Short story stimuli
  • Connected speech prompts

How to Use Materials

Of course, you can use the materials any which way you please; however, I'll discuss how I use these materials to create a FUNCTIONAL, RELEVANT, & MOTIVATING summer speech therapy home program!

First, I provide parents with an overview of a student's goals and the cheat sheet on how articulation practice works.

Then, I provide parents with a common cue sheet to elicit their child's individual sounds with a DETAILED recap of their child's individual cueing techniques (verbal, visual, tactile).

Next, I print off all the relevant flashcard games and provide a 3-4 copies of the articulation flashcards for each needed sound. These games are fun and the whole family can play (board game night)!

After that, I print off the articulation games that DO NOT require flashcards. These games are fun activities that parents and children can play together such as soccer or basketball or drawing. Each game comes with explicit directions on how to play and target speech goals at the same time.

Last, I put all the materials in a folder and send it home a few weeks before the end of school. That way, the parents can look at it and email or call with any questions.

It's pretty easy and very effective! 

Sneak Peek

If you want a closer look at the materials, click below

Summer Speech Therapy Articulation
summer speech therapy games
summer speech therapy flashcards
summer speech therapy articulation cues

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Okay, I'm in! I would like to give it a try.

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