Speech Therapy Back To School

Getting back into the swing of things can be tough, but maybe I can lighten the load with my Speech Therapy Back To School Must Haves! 

As hard as it is to leave summer behind, I do love the feeling of a fresh start with a clean slate. 

Get to know you 

Gaining trust and creating rapport with a client/student is CRUCIAL. The student must feel:

  • comfortable enough to work on skills that are hard and frustrating
  • excited to work on, let's face it, boring stuff!
  • ready to buy into the whole process

I personally like to get to know my students by getting a feel for what is interesting to them, what motivates them, and observe their personality. All this information will make a HUGE difference in therapy.

Goal Reviews 

Many times, students have NO IDEA why they are in speech and/or what they are working on. We have to do better! My students (as young as 3 years old) know their goals. 

I think it is imperative that students know exactly what they need to focus their energy on, and then, how to self-assess their progress.

This step is a MUST DO at the beginning of the year as well as throughout the year as needed. 

One of my all time favorite products for articulation treatment are my "warm up worksheets!" It not only reviews the anatomy of how to say sounds and provides cue cards, but it helps children "warm up their muscles" each session before all the fun starts! It is my "go to" way to review speech goals before each session.

Speech Therapy Back To School Supplies

Getting all the supplies you need for school can seem daunting. I have 2 pages for you to check out below. They are LONG but scroll through them. There might be something you need.

There is a mix of free and paid resources.

Speech Therapy Talk Membership

My membership program is my most affordable option out there! ALL of my products and MORE are in it. There is no catch.

You will have instant access to 1000'S of pages, slides, presentations and more which target:

  • Articulation: guides, flashcards, worksheets, interactive games, and more
  • Language: worksheets, online materials, games for ages 1-10!
  • Spanish Materials: articulation materials, parent handouts
  • Literacy: story grammar, story companions, worksheets, home practice and more!
  • Motivational & Behavioral Tools: behavior charts, home practice handouts
  • RTI: documentation, screenings, and strategies
  • Early Intervention: Strategies. home practice guides, scripts, etc...
  • Handouts & Norms: development norms, disorder handouts, and more! 
  • Documentation: creating invoices, tracking progress, screening, case history, and more!

Click here to learn more!

Grab FREE materials to start the year off right!

If you need some free materials, I got you!

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