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Welcome to my speech therapy coupons page!

I have coupons and recommendations and deals for speech therapy materials, services, and more! Everything here has made my life as an SLP, mother, and a human being better. Before I get to my recommendations, I'll recap what I am all about so you can better understand what's here.

  1. Minimalism - I am a minimalist. I believe too much stuff clutters your house and mind while draining your bank account. We are all happy with less once our basic needs have been met 🙂
  2. Sustainability and environmentally friendly - Besides being an SLP, my next biggest passion is the earth! This year, my goal has been to reduce and get rid of PLASTIC. Let's not even have things we need to recycle. Let's just re-use! It saves the earth and your money.
  3. Frugal - I am frugal. I work hard for my money. It takes precious time away from family and hobbies. So, I want to make sure I don't waste it on unnecessary things and/or expensive things that aren't worth it.
  4. Honesty - I HONESTLY use all the products recommended here. I have used them for quite some time and LOVE them and want to share them with you.
  5. Affiliates - To keep up with the honestly, some of the links below are affiliates of mine. This means, if you decide to try something, I may receive a small financial benefit. It isn't much (Amazon may give me a few cents). The financial benefit DID NOT drive my recommendations. Instead, I contacted the companies of the products I used and told them how much I love them and how others could benefit from them. To thank me, some have provided me with affiliate accounts.

 Meditation/Stress Relief: Headspace

For physical and mental health reasons, I downloaded Headspace. Actually, I downloaded the app about 5 years ago but never really gave it try. After a strong recommendation for my primary care physician, I decided to buy the app and give it a real try. It was a big purchase for me but life changing (my husband and son now use it too).

I will pay for this app year after year and would happily pay more. It is only a fraction of one therapy session!

Main Benefits:

  • Price: There is a free version, and you should try it! However, the paid version for me was immensely better! For $60 (less than 1/2 of a therapy session), I have changed my mind and my life.
  • Daily Checklist: Sticking to a new habit is hard for me. I also love a good checklist. In this app, you get a daily checklist that keeps you accountable and on track each day.
  • Amount of Material: The "letting go of stress" and "mindful eating" courses have been life changing for me. I am starting "restlessness" next. There are hundreds of courses, videos, and more to explore. There are even kid lessons!
  • Promo Code: Click the image on the left to start your free trial.

Continuing Education: MedBridge

I have tried 3 different online CEU websites before landing on this one! When they asked me to be an affiliate, I GLADLY accepted. I have already been telling all my colleagues about it anyway. Read my reasons why I LOVE it and grab a $175 coupon code (yes, you read that right).

Main Benefits:

  • Reputable Courses!: I am a STICKLKER for courses being evidence-based and worth my time (the other sites had a lot of junk). All the courses at Medbridge have changed my practice for the better. I base most of my materials here on them!
  • Price: Since I have to pay for all my CEU's myself, price matters. For what you get, this site is a steal! I've been a paying member for 2 years and haven't regretted a cent. 
    Use speechtalkceu to save $175 off any plan!

Electronic Medical Record (EMR): Simple Practice

If you need an EMR, Simple Practice has SAVED my life, and I'm grateful for it every day. Seriously, no exaggeration! I love it so much I have written an entire page about it. To save time, you can read below from my brief summary.

Main Benefits:

  • Client portal: It allows you to send handouts, worksheets, case history forms, invoices, and any signature forms. It is a safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant system where the clients login and are able to access everything they need and sent it back to you!
  • Insurance Billing: I now prefer insurance billing (seriously)! With the use of Simple Practice , I bill insurance in 2 clicks (less than 5 seconds)! 
  • Invoices, Billing & Superbills: In 2 clicks, I create an invoices, superbills, etc... In one click, I send the invoices through client portal where the client can pay online. All insurance and remaining balances are calculated for me! It is SOOOOO easy. 
  • Promo: $100!: By clicking the image, you can try Simple Practice for free and get a $100 credit if you join! 

Vuori: My new favorite brand!!!!

At first, I thought Vuori was just another Instagram ad fad, and I refused to fall for it. I fell for one once and swore I would never do it again!

However, I tried them on at REI and have been HOOKED ever since. If you know me personally, you know this to be true. I honestly can't wear anything else. I am not one to spend much on clothes, but everything from this brand is beyond amazing.

Main Benefits:

  • Material!: I'm not exaggerating when I say the material feels like butter and clouds combined! I don't know how they do it but they do. 
  • Waist Band: As I get older, waistbands on clothes bother me. The waistbands on the leggings, joggers, and jumpsuits are soft and forgiving. 
  • Comfy yet professional look: I want to look professional, but I need to be comfortable. Now, I can't wear everything from this brand to work but the leggings, black joggers, and jumpsuits work! It is almost like going to work in my pajamas.
  • Promo Code: Click the image on the left to get 20% off your first order! 

Imperfect Foods

I have been a loyal subscriber to imperfect foods for almost 3 years. For a quick recap, this company sells produce that was rejected by grocery stores (and more) for being imperfect. Each week (or whatever frequency you choose), you log on and pick out what foods you would like delivered. Then, on a set date, the food is delivered! 

Note - nothing has ever been imperfect in my opinion!

Main Benefits:

  • Price: We buy as much organic as we can which can get expensive. However, the organic fruits and vegetables here are sold at a fraction of the cost (most of the time). 
  • Ease: They save your favorites and create a cart based on your preferences. So, you just have to check your cart each week to make sure it has everything you want and adjust as needed. Also, it is delivered to your residence! 
  • Reduce Food Waste: By buying "imperfect foods," you reduce food waste. Super win! 
  • Promo: $80 in free groceries! By clicking the image, you can try imperfect and get $80 of free groceries. 

Branch Basics

As I wrote above, sustainability and all things earth are a passion of mine! I also am VERY picky with the ingredients in anything in my house, from food to make-up to hair products to cleaning products.

Since I have made it my mission to reduce my use of plastic, I am obsessed with Branch Basics concentrate for cleaning all surfaces in my house! I had my PhD husband triple check each ingredient, and I have tried it out for a few months now. No complaints!

Main Benefits:

  • Ingredients: For cleaning products Branch Basics is as "clean" as they come. I double checked all ingredients for you!
  • Less Plastic: To use this cleaner, you pour a portion of the concentrate into a sprayer and add water. No more buying endless plastic cleaning sprays. One spray and done!              
  • All Surfaces: I use this cleaner on granite, stainless steel, and windows. It works great with no streaks. 
  • Give it a try: Click the image on the left to give it a try!

Speech Therapy Talk Store!

I can't forget a coupon to my STORE!

Main Benefits:

  • Price: I keep my prices affordable because as an SLP and/or parent, we need it!
  • Evidence-Based: I am serious about evidence based practice so I make sure all my materials are based on the research.         
  • Coupon: Use the coupon code, 15off, to get 15% off your entire order! 
  • Grab Them - Click the image on the left to grab something you may need. Don't forget your coupon!
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