Speech Therapy Documentation

Speech therapy documentation can be tedious and time-consuming; however, it doesn't have to be!

I have explored MANY ways to streamline the process and landed on Simple Practice! I LOVE MY EMR and it is worth every penny. 

speech therapy documentation

Top 6 Reasons WHY I LOVE Simple Practice

1. Client Portal

The client portal is AMAZING! I mean AMAZING!!! It saves me hours of work and frustration a month printing, organizing, and mailing forms and handouts for new and continuing clients.

The client portal allows you to send informational handouts or home practice sheets, case history forms, invoices, and any signature forms which require a signature. It is a safe, secure, and HIPAA compliant system where the clients login and are able to access everything they need. 

I use it for: 

  • Intake Forms: For new or potential clients, I send intake forms which gather all the personal information (name, address, insurance, contacts, credit card etc....) and Simple Practice inputs the responses automatically into the chart. I don't have to manually input anything anymore! Hours saved!
  • Case History Form: I have created multiple intake forms for pediatric clients and adult clients. When I receive a new client, I pick which one to send and off it goes! This is a lifesaver for report writing!
  • Signature Forms: I have created all my own HIPPA form, consent for treatment, and policy and procedure forms. Therefore, before the first appointment, I can rest easy knowing that everything is signed and ready to go. 
  • Handouts: I uploaded all my parent education handouts and home practices. After a sessions or an evaluation, I can share needed information through the portal and the parent can access it when able. This saves time and TREES! 

With client portal, I have completely gotten rid of paper charts (besides keeping testing materials)!!

2. Insurance Billing

This has to be my FAVORITE FEATURE!

I know many speech pathologists are frustrated by insurance billing or even intimidated by it; however, I am not. Insurance clients makes my life easier now and it saves my clients money!

With the use of Simple Practice , I bill insurance in 2 clicks (less than 5 seconds)!

After each session, Simple Practice automatically creates a claim. As the provider, all you have to do is review the claim and click send and the claim is sent to the insurance provider.

Once the insurance provider processes the claim, the information is sent to Simple Practice. Simple Practice will automatically record any payments and create invoices for you for co-insurance, deductibles, etc... 

As a provider, you DON'T DO A THING!

Also, if you forget to bill, Simple Practice will remind you. 

3. Invoices & Billing & Superbills

I now look forward to invoicing and billing, seriously!!!

As a provider, you can completely customize this. You can set it up to create automatic monthly or weekly and even put clients on auto payment. Personally, I like to review billing each week so I don't do that.

Simple Practice allows the provider to create invoices for a specific span of time (day, month, year). In 2 clicks, you can create an invoice and in one click, you can send the invoice through client portal. You don't have to download and attach invoices to emails anymore. 

The client can store a credit card with you and you can add payment, you can add a cash payment, or they can pay through a link in the invoice. It is SOOOOO easy. 

If a client needs a superbill, you can create those in 2 clicks (5 seconds) as well. 

Simple Practice is basically a billing department letting you know who has paid, who has not, who has claims accepted, who has claims denied, etc...

4. Charting

Some people don't like the charting but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

It doesn't have a great evaluation form. So, I still write those in Google Drive, download a PDF, and attach it to the file.

However, the daily notes are AMAZING!!

Each week, you can click a "copy from previous session" and the previous note will appear. This way, I can review how the child did the previous week, and I can just delete that progress and add the new progress. It takes only seconds.

It is fast and I am instantly aware if the child is progressing or not. 

5. Calendar & Scheduling

The calendar is fantastic. 

It allows the provider to schedule clients for one session, weekly sessions, biweekly sessions, etc... All you have to do is click repeat and select the needed time frame.

In the appointment, you will decide all the billing codes (92507 or 92523 etc...) and if the clients is private pay or insurance. This will populate your claims and/or invoices.

The best part, it will send weekly texts or email reminders if the client chooses to receive them!!! This really cuts down on no-shows!!!

The only caveat is that you must keep up with the calendar (record cancellations or changed times as soon as possible) or clients will get the wrong reminders or the wrong information on bills.

6. SAVES TIME!!!!!!

About a year ago, I was so overwhelmed and drowning in paperwork. I decided to give Simple Practice a try, and I still comment at least once a week to my husband about how much I LOVE Simple Practice

I would SPENDS HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS on paperwork and billing and make mistakes.

Now, I am done in minutes and mistake free. 

Try It Now For FREE!

If you want to try it, click the link below to start your free trial:

Try Simple Practice Now.

In full disclosure, if you click on a link, I will not receive any discount. I will receive a discount if you sign up and so will you!

However is NOT WHY I am writing this review. I am not even worried that you will think this either because I haven't heard of anyone who is a solo-practitioner or small practice owner who doesn't love it. Seriously! 

But don't take my word for it, go check it out for free!

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