Speech Therapy Documentation

Speech therapy documentation can be tedious and time-consuming; however, it doesn't have to be!

I have explored MANY ways to streamline the process and landed on Google Drive. I use Google Drive for all my school job paperwork and now use it only for my private practice. It is quick, easy, safe, and parents seem to love it!

speech therapy documentation

Data Tracking and Data Graphing for School SLPs!

I have been getting many questions about how to use the Google Drive forms and it can be complicated. So....I made a video showing how to use each form and then attached a link so you can save a copy of each form to your Google Drive. 

These two Google Drive Templates are FOR FREE!

First Video: IEP Data Tracking & Graphing

In this video, you will learn how to create a simple table to track an overall goal and and benchmarks for each student in one document. Next, I will show you how to graph those goals in a matter of seconds!

So you don't have to re-invent the wheel, I also provide a link to the Google Sheet. All you have to do is save a copy in your Google Drive! If you want to get started right away, sign up below.

Second Video: Daily Data Tracking

I CANNOT track data on a device (phone, computer or tablet) during a speech therapy session. It is too distracting for everyone. So, I have come up with a table I can use and easily see who needs data which week.

This video shows you how to use the sheet. I also provide a link so you can download the sheet to your own drive. 

Want more speech therapy documentation videos?

As part of our membership program, we have more forms and more videos. By joining, you can have instant access to:

  1. Daily note taking template for private practice
  2. Invoice Template for private practice
  3. Case History forms for private practice clients
  4. Client File: Treatment Plan, Daily Notes, Session Overview (all in one document for fast note taking)
  5. And access to all the documents as I make and use them!

Below is a video of my new favorite documentation template!


Now... Google Drive isn't HIPAA compliant; however, Google Suite is HIPAA compliant. I use it and it only costs $6.00 per month. Well worth it if you ask me. 

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