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These are my must-have speech therapy materials "schools edition!" Before I get to my recommendations, I will share my professional philosophy so you can better understand my suggestions.

speech therapy materials

For therapy, I aim to be as functional as possible. I teach my students the needed speech-language strategies and then practice those strategies while systematically removing prompts and supports.

Speech-language learning happens not only in a therapy room or even in a classroom. Instead, students must communicate ALL DAY LONG, EVERY DAY.

I use these tools below while pairing them with material from the curriculum as able. 

Expanding Expression Tool Kit

Learning comprehensive vocabulary is essential for language development, reading, writing, and social skills. This visual program works wonders. It is expensive, but it is WORTH it. The visuals and colors are great memory techniques for students. You can also adapt it to ANY material pulled from the curriculum. It targets vocabulary learning, writing skills, and oral language.



This is one of the few games I have and I pair it with EET (more on that at the end). Students LOVE IT!


  • Vocabulary Development
  • Question Skills (answering & asking)
  • Categorization
  • Defining Objects (function, location, description)
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Memory Strategies (rehearsal, visualization)
  • Turn-Taking Skills

Speech Therapy Talk's Membership

I may be bias but I couldn't live without my membership site. Since I made every material to fit a need in my caseload, I of course use it all! I have over 1,000 pages/slides of materials for only $10 per month! 

  • Articulation: guides, flashcards, worksheets, interactive games, and more!
  • Language: worksheets, online materials, games for ages 1-10!
  • Literacy: story grammar, story companions, worksheets, home practice and more!
  • Spanish Materials: articulation materials, parent handouts
  • Motivational & Behavioral Tools: behavior charts, home practice handouts
  • RTI: documentation, screenings, and strategies
  • Early Intervention: Strategies. home practice guides, scripts, etc...
  • Handouts & Norms: development norms, disorder handouts, and more! 
  • Documentation: creating invoices, tracking progress, screening, case history, and more! 

Story Grammar Marker

This tool is also expensive and will most likely need to come out of your school's budget but it is WORTH IT. This program and the one below, EET, are the ONLY TWO "programs" I recommend for general language goals.

Story Grammar Marker is extremely helpful for teaching oral language, narrative structure, story retell, reasoning skills, and reading comprehension.  It is functional and can be adapted to ANY language goal at ANY level . You can also apply it to the curriculum!


Basic Cards

Everybody needs a "go to deck."  I need Visuals for some students for almost any goal including vocabulary, increasing MLU, following directions, story re-tell. Super Duper has great decks but nothing as cheap as this one!

Uses (Any Language Goal):

  • Definitions
  • Similarities/Differences
  • Picture description Tasks
  • Oral grammar

RTI Start-Up Materials

It has taken me awhile to get to this point, but I feel that I have a handle on how to provide tiered services to general education students, see my special education students, and stay sane!

Response to Intervention Materials:

  • Online referral form that automatically collects data in a spreadsheet
  • Articulation Screening Tool
  • Language Screening Tool (also automatically calculates scores)
  • Progress Monitoring Tool
  • Organization Tool For Referrals & Results
  • Data Sheets With Graphs
  • Parent Notification of Services
  • Referral Form

Dry Erase Boards

I'm thinking this should be the first one on the list. This is something I use almost EVERY session and I am NOT exaggerating. 


  • Drawing vocabulary words
  • Creating a schedule for session
  • Practice sequencing
  • Marking off story grammar markers as students retell stories
  • Individualized visuals for each student for ANY goal
  • 5-minute reward at end of a session - students can just draw

ULTIMATE Articulation Packet - High-Frequency Words

What’s Included In this Packet:

There are 4 different sections for the sounds B, CH, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, SH, T, TH, V, and Z which totals to 564 pages!

The four sections include:

  1. Warm-Up Materials, Cue Cards, Handouts, & More
  2. Cariboo Cards
  3. Leveled Flashcards
  4. Dot/coloring sheets


You MUST have a mirror. Children have the cognitive ability to self-monitor their articulation errors and a mirror helps to teach that skill.


  • Articulation
  • Self-Correct/Self-Monitor


Kids LOVE stickers. I was driving myself crazy with all these complicated behavior charts, sticker charts, etc... I was creating more work for myself.

NOW, I hand out stickers after every session, and if a child works extra hard, they can earn 2 or even 3 stickers. Extra stickers are given for any desired behavior. It works like a charm and it is SIMPLE!


  • Behavior Modification

Tongue Depressors

I sometimes need tongue depressors for teaching placement during articulation therapy. However, I have used these for so much more. In a pinch, I will grab a handful. Children have to use their descriptive vocabulary, full sentences, whatever... to receive a depressor to build a house. Very motivating!


  • Articulation Placement
  • Motivation
  • Description

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