Speech Therapy Motivators

Motivate your clients and students with these speech therapy motivators. 

Most children require a motivation to work on speech and language goals. If you think about it, most of us need some sort of motivation to complete difficult tasks.

Speech Therapy Motivators

How you motivate a child will depend on the child. 

Children may be motivated by:

  • Praise
  • External Reward
  • Visuals

Therefore, it is important to trial various tools to find the one that works best. Be flexible!

My insider tips

KEEP IT SIMPLE! Simple is always better.

Therefore, the tools I make are simple and have many visuals. Visuals help children who can't read and it can help show progress throughout sessions. 

How I use it

  • First, I print off the materials, laminate them, and then add those awesome little velcro pieces. 
  • Next, I typically know what the child is most motivated by (i.e., sticker, iPad, ball), but I still usually let him/her pick out the reward and stick it to the chart. If I don't have a needed picture, I simple draw it in with a dry erase marker.
  • As a client completes tasks or games, I add a star to the sheet. 
  • Once the sheet is full, he/she gets the pre-determined award.
  • Bonus: I build natural language and/or articulation activities into the prize so he/she still practices communication skills without even knowing it. Yeah!

More motivating tools

As part of our membership program, we have more motivating tools.

The photos below are an example of the speech schedule handout. 

You can:

  • Print the pages, laminate them, and attach Velcro
  • Next, you can create a schedule for the session and review it with your student/client
  • As a student/client achieves a task, he/she receives a star or check
  • If needed, you can provide a reward for receiving all the needed stars

If you are a member, please log in and access them here!

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