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Are you overwhelmed with the cost of speech therapy? Are you tired of attending meeting after meeting at your child’s school? It is expensive and it is tiring. I am here to help with speech therapy resources.

I have my top 5 tips to make quick progress and paid resources to supplement home practice programs. 

Speech Therapy Resources: Top 5 Tips

1. Know Your Child’s Goals

Many parents do not know their child’s specific goals. They may know the general area of need such as improving expressive language, but they don’t know the specific goals. However, most goals can be easily targeted throughout the day.

For example, if your child is working on pronouns, you can bombard him or her with models of “he" and “she” throughout daily routines. At the mall, pick out clothes for your mother and say…"what would SHE like? SHE would love this! Tell me what you think SHE wants."

Once you know the goals, check out these speech therapy resources/games:

2. Know The Big Picture

This tip ties in nicely with the previous one! Once you have a handle on your child’s specific goals, learn why your child is working on those areas. This is important to keep yourself and your child motivated.

For example, if your child is working on oral grammar, it is important to know that this skill is a prerequisite for successful writing, communicating with others, and reading comprehension. If your child is working on following directions, it is important to remember that this skill is necessary for learning in the classroom.

Knowing the big picture, overall goals, and plan for discharge will keep you and your child on track. 

3. Learn The Techniques

Observe speech therapy sessions or schedule a meeting with your child’s speech-language pathologist. Get to know your child’s specific speech cues, language learning techniques and/or any other individualized “tips” that your child's speech therapist’s uses. Once you learn them, you can implement them at home. This will create successful generalization of skills.

For example, if your child is working on /s/, learn what visual, verbal, and/or tactile cues work best for your child. Or, if your child is learning to say his first words, learn what techniques are most helpful to elicit them.

Once you learn these techniques, practice how to do them while your therapist observes. They may seem simple enough, but in the presence of a child, it can be overwhelmin.

To review general techniques & you like how we explain it, please read speech therapy resources: Toddler Talk

4. Complete The Home Program

Once you have learned the home practice techniques, you are well on your way to complete the home program. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP of all. If you don’t practice at home, you won’t make the most out of your time. 30 or 60 minutes of speech therapy per week is not enough to make quick progress. However, daily practice is just what the speech therapist ordered.

If your home program seems too cumbersome (worksheet after worksheet), ask for a new one. My favorite type of home programs involve games or practices that can apply to daily tasks. 

If you need some direction for what to do at home, read about our speech therapy home program as part of membership site. 

5. Get Educated (from reputable sources, like here!)

Get educated! The internet is full of wonderful resources, but at the same time, it is full of harmful resources. There are many blogs full opinions with no research behind them. 

If you find any information on the internet, double check with a professional you trust. Being informed is necessary, but being half-informed or informed with mis-information can be dangerous!

Read more speech therapy resources: Speech language development, disorders,

More Resources

Speech Therapy Talk's speech therapy resource store has many options for both parents and professionals all at an affordable rate. 

Our favorites (according to disorder):

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