Fall Story Companions

Speech Therapy

This season, I created fall story companions for speech therapy. 

I use books as frequently as possible during speech therapy sessions. Books are fun and naturally target almost any speech and/or language goal!

fall story companions for speech therapy

Story companions are materials that are based on a specific book. They do not include the book or are in any way related to the book or the author. Instead, they are teaching tools that ask questions, review vocabulary, and more!

After or while reading a book, I use my story companions for direct learning for the following skill areas:

  • WH questions
  • story grammar
  • vocabulary
  • grammar
  • sequencing
  • articulation
  • ....almost everything!

Fall Story Companions For Speech Therapy

Before we get to the good stuff, lets review the theory behind these fall story companion for speech therapy materials.

My professional philosophy is to target speech and language skills in the most natural and meaningful way possible. That is why I love reading. It checks all the boxes. The additional bonus is that most children already love to read so it never feels like work.

Below are ways I target speech and language skills while reading. 

Articulation & Phonological Awareness Ideas:

  • Find pictures that begin with a target sound and name them
  • Ask a question and have the required response contain the target sound

WH questions ideas:

  • Read through the story. Pause and ask WH questions while reading (you can use a story companion if visuals are needed)
  • Once finished reading, review WH questions using a story companion

Story Grammar ideas:

  • Start the book. Once the setting has been introduced, review the setting.
  • Keep reading. Once the "problem" arises, review it!
  • Finish the book. Open the story companion and review the story grammar!


  • Introduce/review vocabulary in context of the book.
  • Open companion and quiz/practice vocabulary.

How To Use Materials

Don't skip this section please!

Once you click the link below, it will prompt you to "make a copy." Please make a copy! A copy will appear in your Google Drive. This is a must since some slides need to be used in "edit mode."

To use these materials:

  1. Open the file
  2. Click "present" in the top right corner
  3. Click through the presentation. 
  4. Once you reach the sequence section, click "esc" to exit the presentation.
  5. To move around the sequence cards, you must be in "edit mode."
  6. To use the next 2 sections (vocabulary), click "present" again.

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