Speech Teletherapy
Language Guide

Language therapy through the use of teletherapy can feel overwhelming...until today! 

It has taken some practice but now I have found my groove. With this speech teletherapy language guide, you can create effective and engaging sessions easily.

Learn here how I use only conversation and 4 websites to effortlessly create awesome therapy sessions that kids love!

If you have read my teletherapy articulation guide, this page will be similar. If you haven't read it, please check it out!

Speech Teletherapy Language Guide

1. Small Talk

The first thing I do with clients is to engage in small talk at the beginning of each session. 

Creating a strong relationship is a must in order to have a successful therapy program. Working on communication can make a person feel vulnerable so it is imperative that he/she feels comfortable. 

More importantly, I want to see how a client is progressing on his/her goals. So, during small talk, I will take data on vocabulary usage, grammar, ability to answer WH questions, etc....

* 5 minutes

2. Speech Therapy  Talk Membership Site

Now, this is not just another self-promotion (I promise). I actually use the membership site I created EVERY.SINGLE.SESSION. 

Quick background - I started the membership website a few years ago by "accident." When I started my private practice, I needed all my own materials. This is an expensive and daunting task. I made a list of my wants:

  • Affordable (scarce)
  • No print (I love trees & the earth)
  • Not cutesy (I hate cutting and pasting)
  • Effective
  • Versatile

I couldn't find these things. So, I started making my own materials and putting them on my website so I could find them. As my materials grew, I thought....maybe other SLPs and parents could benefit from these? So, for a nominal fee, I started the membership website!!!!

However, I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

I use my site to:

  • First, introduce the goal. I pull up visuals or teaching materials for whatever goal the client will be targeting. For example, I may pull up cue cards for WH questions or a vocabulary teaching slide. 
  • Second, get a lot of focused drill practice. Games are fun but distracting and sometimes a time suck. So, I get "work" done early. Therefore, I find a PDF that we can annotate (WH practice) or a Google Slide presentation (i.e., grammar practice). The materials I choose will depend on the goal of my client. However, I make it a focused task and "game free." However, most of my materials have some engaging component so the children don't mind completing the tasks. If it is terribly boring, I use a confetti add-on from Chrome. 
  • If we fly through those tasks, I usually bring up a Google Slides "game" or my PowerPoint "I Spy" cards to get some more focused practice while still keeping the client engaged.

*10 minutes. We are at 15 minutes

2. Read a Book

During almost EVERY language therapy session, I read a book. I can't help it. It is such an engaging and functional way to target almost any goal. 

For teletherapy, I either

  • pull up a YouTube video of a book
  • read the book myself
  • find a book on Epic - (paid - $7 per month)

Either while reading or after reading the book, I go back to my website. I pull up a story companion if applicable or the cue cards for:

  • vocabulary
  • WH questions
  • story grammar
  • etc....

*10-15 minutes. We are at 25-30 minutes

3. Pink Cat Games

After getting through our work, we move on to games! I use less games for language practice than articulation practice since they aren't as functional. However, we all need fun in our lives, right?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pink Cat Games. It is also a paid site but relatively inexpensive! Kids from 2.5 to 11 years old so far are enjoying it! I am not an affiliate for them, and this is not an ad or promotion.

On this site, I search pre-made materials that match my client's goal. I click on those materials and then let the child pick the game.

If you want to check out Pink Cat Games, click here.

* 10-15 minutes. We are now at 35-45 minutes.

3. ABCYA (option 2 for games)

ABCYA is an awesome site! It is free and full of fun games! I don't use this site and PinkCat games in the same session. There isn't enough time. I use this site for vocabulary reinforcement, grammar practice, or a simple 3-5 minute reward for working hard. 

Below, I have some practice ideas for how to use this site during language therapy. 

  • I have the client pick out a "make a ....." game. These are games in which we make something such as a house, backpack, cake, etc...
  • I tell the client that the website doesn't allow them to "take control" of the screen (white lie). This way the client has to use their language skills to tell me how to make whatever we are creating.
  • For vocabulary, the child has to describe what an option looks like for me to choose it. 
  • For grammar, the child has to say a sentence using their grammar target before I will click an object. 

They all beg to play these games so check them out. They are a HIT.

* 5-10 minutes. Total time 40-45 minutes.

Bonus Ideas for Energetic Clients

If you have an active client, here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Scavenger hunt - give a list of items for a child to find. Make the list based on "category" or "function." For example, have the child find something they can "eat." 
  • 20 questions - take turns thinking of an object and then ask questions to figure out what it is. Great vocabulary practice!
  • Be P.E. teachers - take turns giving each other "exercises" to do (i.e., touching toes, jumping jacks). Target 1- or 2-step directions, conditional directions, etc...

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