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Winter PowerPoint Games

We all need a little bit of fun this holiday season! These speech therapy winter PowerPoint games might do the trick. They can be used for any goal!

Games during speech therapy are not only FUN but necessary! A child needs to be motivated to participate (of course), but a child also needs to practice newly learned skills in a more "natural" task (i.e., playing a game) that offers a bit of distraction. This is a key component of generalizing progress to outside the therapy room.

Keep reading to see what I created using PowerPoint and how to grab a free sample!

Speech Therapy Winter PowerPoint Games: Overview

I created a no-print, turn-taking game using PowerPoint. I am in love with no print since it

  • Saves trees (no more printing)
  • Saves time (my membership site holds everything I need)
  • Is engaging for students
  • is interactive (keeps their attention)

How to Open and Play:

  • You MUST have PowerPoint. It will not work in PDF or Google Slides
  • Click on the link and the file will download
  • Open file
  • Click the "play" button on the top navigation
  • The Present Game will appear
  • Take turns clicking on a present to find the hidden surprise
  • Once someone finds the present, click "play again" to advance to the next slide. In the next slide, the present will move and change.
  • In the free sample, there are 3 slides. On the membership site, each game has 10 slides. Even I can't remember where the surprise has moved to!

How to Use Materials In Therapy:

You can use these materials any way you see fit; however, I do have some suggestions:

  • Articulation CH - Say "I CHoose...." before clicking an object
  • Articulation TH - Say "Open/move THe....." before clicking an object
  • Articulation Z- Say "Click the.....pleaSE" before clicking an object
  • Articulation K/G - Say "ClicK the...." or "Go away...." before clicking an object
  • Motivation - If a child completes a certain number of tasks, he/she can play a game
  • Language - The child has to describe the present (pattern, color, size) before you or they click the present
  • The child has to complete a task or flashcard before taking a turn (you need two tabs open and scroll between the two)

Speech Therapy Winter Teletherapy Materials

Now, on to the materials!

For members, I have:

  1. Gingerbread game (10 slides)
  2. Present game (10 slides)
  3. Santa game (10 slides)
  4. Clean Room For Santa (10 slides)
  5. Decorate Gingerbread House (12 slides)
  6. Snowman Game (12 slides)
  7. Chocolate Box (10 slides)
  8. Penguin Marshmallow Game (10 slides)

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  • all the winter decks
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  • grammar teaching materials and games
  • articulation flashcards
  • story companions
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  • and more!

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Our membership program is:

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