Teletherapy Flashcards

For Articulation

I have jumped both feet in into teletherapy and I have learned to love it. One thing I have learned fast, is that there aren't a lot of great materials out there. To help with this problem, I created some new teletherapy flashcards for articulation.

Teletherapy Flashcards For Speech Therapy

However, one thing I need is simple flashcards that can be used for drill practice and can help transition from word to sentence level. My kids seem to tire of uploaded PDFs fast.

So, per my usual fashion, I decided to make my own. I'm not busy enough, right?

Also, per usual, I fell in love with Google Slides to make a quick articulation deck. I found that they can be easily shared during teletherapy and I can accomplish quick and effective drill practice.

Win Win!

Use Teletherapy Flashcards Google Slides

It is quite easy to use these flashcards during therapy.

  1. First, you have to share your screen with your client. This will look different for everybody 
  2. Once the screen is shared, then you open the Google slides file and click "presnt." This will make it look like a "flashcard" deck. I also added some cute little animations to help keep the children interested.

That is it!


The flashcards are set up as word level, phrase level, and then sentence level. If you need just word level, I have been having my students say the words three times as I click though the "deck."

Use PowerPoint for Speech Teletherapy

I have recently made PowerPoint my new best friend and it has been such a savior for teletherapy. I have made some hidden pictures and dot sheets with a spinner (I am MORE THAN PROUD that I was able to make that!

To use these materials, open the link and then click "play" or "present" at the top for them to work. Enjoy!

Both materials can be used for articulation drill practice or games. I use the hidden pictures to find a picture and then create a sentence!


All the flashcards are DONE!

If you want to access these pages and you are already a member, please click this link: 

If you want to join and access the Google Slides flashcards, please click this link:

I will even take requests! If there is something that you need, please let me know. 

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