Teletherapy For Early Intervention

Speech Therapy

Using teletherapy for early intervention can be a daunting and intimidating task. 

Hopefully, these tips can help ease some stress and make the sessions run a bit smoother. Please read through all of my tips because there will be some free handouts!

Teletherapy For Early Intervention Tips

Top Teletherapy For Early Intervention Tips

1. Caregiver present is non-negotiable

The number one and most obvious tip is that a caregiver must be present.

Since the majority of the therapy session will be provided by the caregiver, the caregiver must be present!

2. Use a computer or an Ipad with a stand

Things run a bit smoother if the parent is "hands free" and not carrying around an ipad or phone.

For this to work, you, the therapist, must be set up with a stand or on a computer.

3. Review a strategy or activity ahead of time

Since a major part of therapy is a review of how practice has been going throughout the week and problem-solving any hiccups, it is a good idea to give the parents something to practice before each therapy session. 

This way, you can discuss how the practice went! As part of the membership program, I like the handouts below!

4. Discuss activities to practice through the week

While you are directing play during therapy, start jotting down some practice ideas for the upcoming week. I like to use this sheet. You can print it out ahead of time and give it to the parent or fill it out and email them after. 

5. Brainstorm Toy Ideas

Ask the caregivers to brainstorm and email you some favorite toys/activities.

Encourage the parent to organize the activities before the therapy session begins. This way, the play can be a bit "structured" and you can sort of "plan" strategies to practice.

6. Give your self a break

For the most of us, this is all new!!! Give your self a break and know that things won't be perfect. Parents appreciate the help and advice. You and your advice is invaluable! 


As part of Speech Therapy Talk's Membership, I have many materials, handouts, and data tracking sheets. At the moment, I have: 

Blank Sheet For Home Practice

  • Strategies for specific activities (create your own)
  • Brainstorm times of day for practice

Handouts at Beginning of Treatment

  • Top 5 Tips
  • Late Talker Overview
  • Late Talker Strategies

Set The Scene For Strong Communication

  • Set The Scene Games (How to Talk To Your Child)
  • Set the Scene (With scripts)

How To Simplify Language While Talking to Child

  • Simplify Language (Parent Overview)
  • Simplify Language Practice Games For Parents - Blocks
  • Simplify Language Practice Games For Parents - Food

Imitation Games

  • Not Imitating Game - Meals
  • Not Imitating Games - Cars

Imitating Gestures Games

  • Imitating Stuffed Animal Game
  • Imitating Puppet Games

How To Encourage First Words

  • 3 Strikes & You Win Overview
  • 3 Strikes & You Win- Meals
  • 3 Strikes & You Win Playtime

How To Ask Questions Correctly

  • How To Ask Questions - Overview
  • Asking Questions Games - Toys
  • Asking Questions Games - Meals

How To Expand First Words

  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Meals
  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Reading
  • Repeat-Expand-Repeat - Walking

Measure Progress

  • Common First Words
  • Milestones 0-5

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I will even take requests! If there is something that you need, please let me know. 

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