Teletherapy Language Resources

I created teletherapy language resources than can be used to introduce/review a skill and accomplish a quick drill practice. They can be used during in-person and telemedicine long as you have access to Google Slides.

Teletherapy Language Resources For Speech Therapy

At Speech Therapy Talk Services, I place equal importance on implicit and explicit teaching. Both methods of therapy have an important place and I worry that explicit teaching gets lost in the fun games and cute materials out there!

However, when organizing my teletherapy language materials before each session, I had a hard time finding explicit teaching materials for language skills. I was missing my books gathering dust in my office.

Language skills tend to be targeted during literacy tasks (i.e., WH questions) or answering questions (i.e., grammar) but some kids need to be told what they are practicing and WHY. 

So, per usual, I have made my own :). 

Explicit Teaching Vs Implicit Teaching

To Review - Brief Overview

Explicit Teaching: 

  • Introduce a skill
  • Give definition of a skill
  • Explain how to do a certain skill (in steps if necessary)
  • Explain reasoning behind a skill

Implicit Teaching:

  • Taught in context
  • "Teachable moments"
  • Practice a skill in "real life"

Teletherapy Language Resources - Explicit

Explicit teletherapy language resources - To fill this need, I turned to Google Slides once again. I made a slide that reviewed a skill and then made 10 or so practice slides. I use these "decks" when transitioning to a new goal and/or before we play a game and completing an activity that focuses on a certain skill.

Teletherapy - Implicit Resources

I strongly believe that therapy should be a mix of explicit and implicit interventions. It is important to learn a skill and then practice it naturally and functionally. That is the only way to strengthen a newly learned skill!

I have found some amazing implicit language materials & resources on Boom Cards, TpT, and other websites.

  • Click here and scroll down to access my "go to list"


As part of Speech Therapy Talk's Membership, I have been uploading all the cards as I make them. So far, I have:

  • Present Progressive
  • Regular Past Tense Verbs
  • Irregular Past Tense Verbs
  • Similarities & Differences
  • Who, Where, When Question (To practice setting and WH questions)
  • 3rd person singular S
  • Vocabulary

I NEEDED these cards yesterday so this list is growing daily!

If you want to access these pages and you are already a member, please click this link: 

If you want to join and access the Google Slides flashcards, please click this link:

I will even take requests! If there is something that you need, please let me know. 

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