Speech Therapy Toys

Speech therapy toys don't have to be expensive or complicated. More often than not, you can use things found around the house and you can use the same toy for almost every child on your caseload... seriously!

Speech Therapy Toys

For me, I work in private practice with all ages and many disorders. Therefore, I need my speech therapy toys to be:

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Engaging

Speech Therapy Toys: My Favorite List

Below you will find a list of my favorite speech therapy toys. I have created videos to show you how each toy works and how I use it to target a variety of speech and language skills for a range of ages.

I take great pride in the ability to use one toy for almost any child since I don't have time to create elaborate plans so being flexible is a must. Hopefully, these toys will work for you! 

* If you have a favorite toy, please leave a comment so others can learn!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these speech therapy HedBanz ideas for many reasons which I will share with you.

I can use Hedbanz for almost any child, ages 1-99. Seriously! Both adults and children enjoy playing this game. However, I will not review how to play the game as intended. Instead, I will review how I adapt this game to work on almost any goal for any age. Click here for more information.


Zingo is a language-based board game that is designed for young children but can be adapted for older children as well. It is motivating, lightweight, and versatile. It checks all the boxes. 

Click here to watch how I use Zingo and other tips on how to use it target a range of speech and language goals. 

Ball Popper

My first toy is a ball popping toy! I LOVE this toy and it truly can be used for any age and any goal. The best part is the price and weight. 

Click here to learn more about it and see my smiling face in a video.

Foam Shapes

These speech therapy toys are actually my number one materials for almost every age and every disorder.

Learn why and how you might use them here: Speech Therapy Foam Shapes

Food Cutting Toys

Food cutting toys are awesome for young children and early elementary students. Learn more about them here. 


Pictureka is a wonderful board game that I use for a variety of students. It can be adapted to target almost any goal. Read more here.

Taboo For Kids

I LOVE playing Taboo. Taboo for kids is a great way to work on many different language goals. Find out how here.

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