27 month old son only says a few words

by anonymous

Hi! I have a 27 months old son and he can only say few words at the moment! He can say words like, dad, car, jar, nana for banana, darty for dirty, duck and few more! He dont call me mama or mommy! Sometime he calls me ta! He can follow instructions! He responds when i call his name! I meet other kids younger than him and they can talk hundreds of words! What seems to be the problem of my son?


Feb 06, 2020
Recommend an Evaluation
by: Speech Therapy Talk


Great question! It is impossible to say what/if there is a problem with your child's speech-language development over the internet.

Typically, by 2 years old, a child should be saying about 50-300 words. However, that is a GUIDELINE. If you are concerned, I would seek out an evaluation. For that age, you have a few options.

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