Mild CAS?


I am currently seeing a student whom I suspect might have a mild case of childhood apraxia of speech, but I would like some clarification. He seems to only have trouble with a few multisyllabic words, such as pyjamas and envelope. He is otherwise fairly intelligible with other words. At the sentence-level, he experiences some difficulty repeating, as he will omit words and slight groping is noticed. He has no oral structure/function issues, and his diadochokinesis is good. I'm looking for some guidance in how to further assess to determine whether it is a mild case of childhood apraxia of speech.



Mar 12, 2020

by: Bridget


Great question! Do you think the difficulty repeating is due to speech or language issues? Or maybe the recall issue is enough strain on his system that his speech falters? How is his speech in conversation?

Anyways, it sounds like you have a lot of data on his performance and I would focus on goals and treatment. They most likely won't differ with a diagnosis of CAS or not.

Hope that helps!