My 8 year is still struggling with speech

by Stephanie

My daughter has been in speech therapy since she was 4 and is still struggling with her speech. She has made big improvements but still has several words she can’t say. She also struggles with reading. She was held back a year so she is going to second grade this year instead of third. I am basically just trying to see if there are any other parents with a child with these issues.


Feb 06, 2020
You Are Not Alone
by: Speech Therapy Talk


Thank you for your comment. I see that other parents have not commented here but I can tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Big hugs and you are a wonderful parent. You are getting your child all the help she needs, you are reaching out to others for support, and you are on the internet looking for ways to help. Your daughter is lucky and a supportive family can make all the difference.