my son is not speaking much

by nitin

My son is not speaking much. He is 23 month old. We speak 2 language. He understand in both language most of the time. He babbles a lot and say some of alphabets which he learned through ipad app. We are trying to teach him to say one word things like car (which he says sometime) water, etc...but he does not say it. He does not seems to have listening issues as he respond to us well. He does make eye contact a lot. He is very active physical- rather he is a early walker, started at 9 moths of age.
I was wondering if you have any suggestion for us.


Jun 22, 2015
 Speech Language Pathologists
by: Anonymous


Speech disorder is now very common disease. This can be cured with proper speech therapy and treatment. You should contact any speech language pathologists for your son.

The one I know is

Sep 18, 2014
Some tips to get started
by: Bridget


Good question! A lot of parents, especially parents of bilingual children, have similar concerns.

First of all, raising a bilingual child is a great idea. Keep it up!! Second, it sounds like your child is having a hard time repeating. I would suggest to read these pages for ideas on encouraging first words:

Also, I suggest seeking out an evaluation from either your state program such as early childhood or through your insurance and find a private speech therapist. The therapist can give an in-depth evaluation and create individualized language learning strategies for your child. That way, when you work with him at home, progress will be faster!

Hope that helps!