/s/ phoneme

I am a speech therapist working with a little girl on /s/. She is able to produce /s/ in isolation and can even produce some /s/ blends such as "st", but when the /s/ is placed with a vowel behind it she adds an /l/. ex. "sun" becomes "slun". I have educated her and she is aware that she does this. I have provided her placement cues. We have tried to "stretch out" the words or "smash them together". I've tried minimal pairs as well. She can't even produce sa, se, si, so, su w/o the /l/ added. I'm at a loss. Any suggestions are welcome.


Jul 25, 2018
Success with Speedy Speech
by: Jenny P.

I just dismissed a student with a very difficult S phoneme distortion and substation. Student had 2 previous speech therapist that tried with no success. A daily regimen of the Speedy Speech program finally did the the trick in about 3 months. I’m not sure if it was the frequency or the way they have the words organized in minimal triplet sets... or maybe a combination of both... in any case, it was very effective and Mom was very happy. Good Luck!

Mar 27, 2018
Some ideas
by: Bridget

Interesting! I haven't heard that one yet. Maybe it is the voicing of the vowel giving her trouble. You could try whispering and then transition back to voicing the vowel. You would also focus on final /s/ and keep checking back to initial and medial /s/. Possibly working on the co-articulation of final /s/ might help with /s/ in other positions. Another idea would be "sa" as in "sock." The "a" in this syllable has more jaw grading. Maybe the open vowel will prevent the addition of /l/. Good luck and let me know!

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