Salary for SLP's in private practice?

by Jody
(Orange County CA)

I am an SLP/owner of a private practice and am hiring a new SLP (1 year out of her CFY). I haven't had to hire a new therapist for a long time and I have no idea what the going rate is. Any suggestions for places to search what other private practices are paying in my area?

A few ideas
by: Anonymous

Feb 26, 2014

Wow, that is exciting! Running a private practice is tough. I have worked in one before. I think, you need to first consider how you are going to pay your employee. Are you going to pay hourly or salary? Benefits? Vacation? Full-time or part-time? The hourly rate for part-time and no benefits will be higher.

To figure out going rates, you might be able to look up hourly rates from job postings from big contract companies in the area. Start with They usually post what they are willing to pay. Their hourly rates tend to be a little higher since it is only contract work and not a steady job.

Another idea would be to contact another company who is not your competitor (not too close, maybe a few towns away) and just ask what they do. Can't hurt!

Or, simply calculate what you can afford and start there. Everything is negotiable!

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