Speech for the autistic

by Jim
(North Carolina)

I have an autistic son,19 years old, still in public school. He speaks freely to all he meets but his speech articulation is 90% not understandable to those outside his family or others familiar with his speech. He is currently being served by the speech teacher on a consultation level with the classroom teacher trying to implement a communication board or alternative communication devices. I do not understand why the speech teacher will not serve him directly. He says he is unstimulable (if that is actually a word) and the classroom teacher can train him in the alternative comm. devices. He says that it is not affecting his acquisition to education, but my son is in a special education classroom all day everyday so his education is tailored to his needs and not simulating the real world in which he will need to function in a couple of years. Who is right, should my son receive direct speech services to continue to try to train him to articulate with better precision or should he continue on without direct speech / language instruction?


Mar 04, 2021
Therapist is correct
by: Anonymous

The therapist is correct in his assessment. Since your son is 19 and his speech intelligibility is poor, it probably will not improve much more nor change. The therapist stated that he is "unstimulable" for the sound means that your son is unable to say the correct sound with models and again if he is unable to do this at 19 then his speech is where it is going to be. It is best to focus on the use of the communication board/device and this can be done more effectively in the classroom with his peers, with parents at home and in the community.