by Aly

I administered the TAPS-4 to one of my students. What may be some reasons that he scored in the 16th percentile for processing oral directions subtest 1, but then in the 37 percentile for auditory figure ground subtest 6? I would have thought auditory figure ground would have been lower. I do know that the background noise of people speaking made my student "tune in". He is a kindergartener.


Mar 10, 2020
Not sure
by: Bridget

I don't know the answer and I have never given the TAPS-4. I have only given the TAPS-3 (a lot) but that was 5 years ago.

My only guesses would be that maybe with the background noise, the child concentrated "harder" or there were other circumstances during the oral directions subtests that caused him to score lower such as being sick, distracted, etc...

Maybe observe him in the classroom to get some informal data on how he is able to process directions in that setting.

Hope that helps!