The T Sound

A Facebook fan had a great question! Anyone have tips or tricks to try:

"My 2 1/2 yr old son is having trouble producing the t sound (and many other sounds) He is not lifting his tongue. Do you have any suggestions of things i can do with him to help him? He is currently receiving speech therapy."


May 02, 2014
A few ideas
by: Bridget @ Speech Therapy Talk

It is hard to say without meeting your child. A few general ideas to try:

Does he say /d/ or /n/? Both of those sounds have the tongue up. That is somewhere to start.

Does he delete /t/ in all positions? If it is just the initial position for example then make sure there isn't a phonological process.

At that young of an age, a peanut butter trick may work. Place a dab of peanut butter or anything sticky on the tip of the tongue and then put a dab on the roof of the mouth behind the teeth. See if your child will touch the peanut butter with the tongue tip. This will teach placement. You can move to practicing sounds after that.

However, I do recommend an evaluation by a speech language pathologist before starting any practice. There can be more than one factor causing articulation delays.

Hope that helps!

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