Vowels preceding /r/

by Bob
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

My 9 year old son strugged for quite a while to get the /r/ sound, but has finally started getting it. It's still not perfect, but much better and improving. The problem now is the /o/ sound when it precedes /r/. He can say "star" "stare" " stir", etc, but "store" becomes "stir", "four" becomes "fur", "door" becomes "der".
I can find nothing about this specific problem on the Internet and would really appreciate any tips or links to resources.
Thank you for your time.


Feb 06, 2020
That's Normal
by: Speech Therapy Talk

There are many different /r/ combinations: or, air, are, er, ear (to name a few). The vowel before an /r/ will make the "transition to /r/ a bit different. Some children can say some combinations better than others and that is normal. I'm glad to hear that your child can say "star" etc... You can use that in therapy to work on the other combinations that are difficult. Good luck!

I have a new resources - resources and flashcards for each "r" combination. Check them out here: R Complete Packet

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