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I created some new wh questions no print materials for you!

Asking and answering WH (who, what, where, when, why, how) questions can be difficult for many children who have a development language disorder (DLD). In fact, answering WH questions is a VERY COMMON goal for many children.

However, there isn't a lot of guidance on how to teach the skill besides using visual cue cards. Therefore, I made some new materials using the current research.

Keep reading to find out more on my WH questions no-print resources.

WH Questions Background

To answer WH questions, it takes a lot of different language skills. A person must:

  • understand the question word 
  • understand the grammar of the question
  • understand each vocabulary word (not just the question word)
  • makes sense of the information and the social context
  • formulate a response
  • put the words together (syntax & semantics)
  • give a response

With these materials, I focused on

  • understanding the grammar of the question (syntax).
  • answering the question (semantics & syntax) 
  • creating and answer questions. It is important that the child knows how to ASK & ANSWER WH questions, instead of simply answering questions.

WH Questions No Print Materials

Current evidence supports that idea that explicit teaching is necessary for the initial teaching phase while implicit teaching helps with generalization. Therefore, with these materials, I focus on explicit teaching. Instead of just asking WH questions during a story or in conversation, I delve into each question word and fit in a lot of reps.

The materials I created here are for learning how to formulate questions as well as answer WH questions.

The materials have:

  • Pictures (this is very important since I want to focus on syntax not semantics and auditory recall, one thing at a time)
  • Varying levels of difficulty (I start with a simple sentence scramble and then move up to creating and answering questions)
  • no-print options. Since teletherapy is necessary at the moment, I made these materials using Google Slides. However, the interactiveness of the materials are NECESARY! You will see why in a minute.

How To Use WH Questions No Print Materials

First, I have simple "unscramble sentences" for each question word: 

  • who
  • what
  • where
  • when
  • why

These materials must be used in "edit mode" to work. The child can create WH questions, practice syntax, and practice repeating the questions. This level of practice has the most amount of cues.

Second, I challenge the student to create a WH question and then answer it! Currently, as part of the membership program, I have the following decks completed:

  • where
  • when
  • who
  • what doing
  • why - coming soon!

These materials must be used in "present mode" to work. You can click on on the screen to have a word appear as a cue or to check answers!

Access Materials


If you are a member of Speech Therapy Talk's Membership Site, please click this link to access the following materials:

  • who - unscramble
  • what - unscramble
  • where - unscramble
  • when - unscramble
  • why - unscramble
  • where - write and answer
  • when - write and answer
  • who - write and answer
  • what doing - write and answer
  • and SO MUCH MORE!


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