Word Lists For Articulation & More!

It is handy to have word lists for speech therapy at your fingertips for extra articulation practice or for a quick game during therapy.

word lists for speech therapy

Click on a letter below to take you to the corresponding FREE list, Google Drive version, free handouts, quick cues, and activities that require NO device or Flashcards! Remember the letters represent a sound.

Word Lists For Speech Therapy By Sound:



Let's not forget about vowels! I have word lists for ALL vowels here!

How to Practice Articulation:

Are you wondering how to use these word lists effectively? Are you still learning what articulation practice is all about? Don’t worry, click on  articulation practice overview using these word lists.

We can help explain the process with research-based information!

Articulation Materials & Guide

If you need home practices, articulation cards, cariboo cards, sentence level practice sheets, and teaching cue cards/materials, please click the image below. All materials use high-frequency words (aka, words that kids actually say!)

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