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If you are a parent or a professional and are in need of articulation therapy materials, Articulation Materials & Guide might be just what the speech pathologist ordered 🙂 

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How It All Started.....

You may be did these articulation therapy materials come about?

Articulation Materials and Guide eBook has been a work in progress for a few years and it all started with one comment from one parent a few years ago.

I was working with a child who had trouble saying /s/ and had been in therapy for years. The child and I had just started working together. One day, I sent home a homework sheet with a few notes on how to say /s/ and what cues had been working best. This parent called and said "Thank you!! We had been practicing /s/ for years but no one had told us to say ‘tongue behind teeth.’ It’s really working."

This was shocking! How could a child have been in therapy for years and the parents not know helpful cues?! How successful could home practice really be if the parents had no idea what they were doing?

So....I started creating "how to say____(sound)" and "common cues" handouts and they were quite popular.

Great. Done. I felt pretty good!

Well....not quite not there yet!

Let's speed this process up!

Once I got parents more involved in meaningful home practice, progress was a bit quicker but not quick enough for my liking.

I started reflecting on why some children are in therapy FOR YEARS to work on just a few sounds. I started thinking....there has to be a better way! What could I do better?

I read a lot of research and trialed a few ideas and came up with my current plan. This plan ended up being quite effective for my private practice patients as well as my response to intervention and IEP students.

So....I kept creating MORE materials!

Distributed vs Mass Practice

First things first, I did a complete overhaul on my service delivery. I first considered treatment session length and frequency.

In order for a person to learn a new motor pattern, there has to be significant drill practice so the muscles can learn a new motor pattern.

I started thinking....can a student receive enough motor practice during one session per week, especially when grouped with 3-4 other students all working on different sounds (mass practice)?! Probably not!

So, I trialed INDIVIDUAL, shorter sessions such as 5-10 minute each, 2-4 times per week (distributed practice) and wow, did my students make FAST progress! 

With this service delivery model, children practice their target sound(s) 100-200 times in 10 minutes and the practice is "non-error/good practice." We work on saying the sound correctly 200 times in 10 minutes at whatever level he/she is currently at (i.e. isolation, word, sentence, etc...). Practice is mostly drill and I focus all my attention on effective feedback for EVERY production.

Articulation Therapy Materials: Home Program and Therapy

After my reflection on my practice as a speech pathologist, I kept creating more materials. I created materials for therapy as well as a functional home program.

For Therapy:

For school-aged children: Therapy is mostly drill to accomplish enough motor practice. My materials are flashcards, word lists, stories, and picture description tasks. Sometimes I throw in a quick conversation game. During my sessions, my students read or repeat words (about 60) and then we move on to flashcards to name pictures (no verbal model) or create sentences etc... That's it! My job is to give effective feedback and move through the levels of practice in a systematic/non-error learning way. If you are an SLP, you get what I'm saying!

For younger children: Therapy is still play based and naturalistic in nature. I follow the child's lead and weave speech/language practice into play. This way, the parent can repeat our "games" easily throughout the week.

Home Program:

The home program is made up of FUNCTIONAL games. One set of games uses flashcards and I reserve those for my new clients/students.

For children who are farther along with their progress, I created some natural games such as say "kick the ball" while playing soccer to help with generalization.

With parents focusing on generalization, my children make FAST progress!

Who is this book for?

I started putting all these materials together for myself and then I thought...others can benefit. This book can help both PARENTS and PROFESSIONALS!

For Professionals:

I use this book for my private clients as well as my RTI and IEP students. It reduces planning time, keeps me organized, and children make FAST progress.

For school, this program has saved my professional life, seriously!! I was soooo overwhelmed with the amount of response to intervention students on my caseload plus all my special education students. With this model and these materials, I am able to balance all my students, my students make FAST PROGRESS and are dismissed. I keep my sanity and even have a plan time and lunch 😉

For Parents:

Many parents are looking to supplement their child's speech therapy program but need materials and some direction.

Some parents don't have access to therapy due to financial restraints, lack of access, their child didn't qualify for services, or other unfortunate circumstances. This is FRUSTRATING!

Therefore, with this book, parents can work with their children at home! Parents have access to all the materials they need PLUS easy-to-understand tips on how to teach sounds to their children.

An evaluation and therapy guided by a speech-language pathologist are always recommended but sometimes that just isn't possible!

What's included?

400 pages of materials:

  • Introduction on how to use the book
  • Research behind the book
  • Articulation screening tool
  • Templates in Google Drive for easy data tracking and graphing
  • Homework sheets/parent handouts on articulation therapy
  • General flashcard games
  • 36 flashcards for each sound: B, D, F, G, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, V, Z, SH, TH, CH
  • 8-10 functional games for each sound
  • Language-based worksheets to spice things up!
  • Picture description tasks
  • Short story stimuli

Sneak Peek

For a preview of the book, click here.

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