Free Speech Therapy Ideas
Using Objects From Home

Free speech therapy ideas using household objects.  They are free, easy, fun, and functional!

free speech therapy ideas

With these speech therapy ideas, you will learn that working on speech and language development does not have to be expensive or complicated. It does not require any apps, specific toys, or the latest and greatest of anything.

It only requires:

  1. Creativity
  2. Credible, research-based information on learning and speech therapy techniques
  3. You and your child

Below, I showcase common objects found around the house that most people already own. Read our explanation of how they can be used to target any speech or language goal. 

Free Speech Therapy Activities

summer speech therapy ideas

Summer Speech Therapy

Bubble Ideas

Muffin Tin Ideas

Shoe Box Ideas

Christmas Tree Activity

Coupon Ideas

Speech therapy using sand

Sand Speech Therapy

Water Ideas

Road Trip Games!

Fall Activity

Free Visuals

Cooking Speech Therapy

Coffee Bean Ideas

Candy Ideas

Wrapping Paper Ideas

Halloween Ideas

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