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Winter Vocabulary

Speech therapy winter vocabulary materials that are print and no-print have arrived!

I struggle, especially with teletherapy, finding thematic vocabulary materials that aren't too distracting. Most winter/holiday materials are very cute, but that doesn't always get the work done. However, I don't want my clients losing interest either. 

So, I created winter vocabulary decks that vary from easy to difficult and have leveled cues built in! I also added some from animations for the no-print materials to keep the interest going!

Read more to find out how to access the materials and how to grab some free samples.

How To Use Materials

The no-print materials use Google Slides so they can be "no-print." To use them, you must have a Google account.

To use the Tier 2 Vocabulary slides

  • Have the child define the picture
  • If the child needs a cue, "click the slide and 2 options will appear"
  • Once the child picks an answer, click again and the correct answer will be "circled"
  • Click again to advance to the next slide
  • The child will be challenged to use the word in a sentence
  • Once the child completes the task, click again and a reward will appear.

To use the printable worksheets:

  • Click on the image
  • A PDF will appear
  • You can print the pdf
  • You can also bring it up on your computer and use the animation tools available through PDF

Speech Therapy Members

Get your winter vocabulary materials here!

For members, I have 5 no print decks up on the membership site. 

  1. Which one doesn't belong (complete deck)
  2. Which one has.....?
  3. Convergent naming (with visuals)
  4. Divergent naming (no visuals)
  5. Tier 2 vocabulary (define and create your own sentence with varying cues built in)

For members, I have 4 print bundles up on the membership site. 

  1. Winter vocabulary sort
  2. Winter flashcards
  3. Winter deep dive vocabulary sheets
  4. Winter cut and paste scene

Access ALL the Winter Decks and MORE!

If you would like to access,

  • all the winter decks
  • articulation teaching materials
  • holiday PowerPoint games
  • grammar teaching materials and games
  • articulation flashcards
  • story companions
  • handouts
  • templates
  • and more!

then read about our membership program.

Our membership program is:

  • Cost effective, very reasonable!
  • Meaningful
  • always something new each week!

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Free Language Materials for ONE YEAR!

Are you constantly looking for quality language materials? I was too until I made them! To brighten your day, I have one YEAR of FREE language materials!

After filling out the form below, you'll receive a complimentary language material every month for an entire year! This is an excellent opportunity to sample the materials available at Speech Therapy Talk Membership and add a touch of joy to your inbox.

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