Christmas Prepositions
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Prepositions are a key language concept needed for strong receptive and expressive language skills. So, why not have fun and work on them with my Christmas prepositions materiasl?!

I created no-print (teletherapy-friendly) Christmas preposition practice activities for speech therapy. They are cute, fun, and functional.

To grab some free materials and learn about the important of prepositions, keep scrolling!

Christmas Prepositions for Speech Therapy

Quick Overview: Prepositions

For those who aren't aware, prepositions are words that tell location of a noun in relation to another noun.

My second-grade teacher taught me a little trick to decide if word is a preposition or not. Since 2nd grade was an absurdly long time ago for me, I can say with certainty it was a wonderful trick!

Trick: Pair a word with the phrase "the box." If it makes sense, it is a preposition.

For example,

  • in the box
  • over the box
  • around the box
  • under the box

Speech Therapy & Prepositions

A long time ago, I stopped differentiating between expressive and receptive language when writing goals. It really made little sense!

I no longer write, "a child will follow a 1-2 unit direction with 80% accuracy.... (blah blah)." Instead, I dive deep into WHY a child doesn't understand directions.

  • Do they have trouble understanding vocabulary?
  • Do they have trouble understanding prepositions?
  • Do they have trouble understanding the grammar of the question?
  • Do they have adequate attention to task?
  • etc....

Once I pinpoint the answer, I work on THAT skill. 

Often, children have difficulty understanding and producing the needed prepositional phrase. Without fully grasping prepositions, following directions can be very difficult. 

How To Use Christmas Prepositions

To practice prepositions with the materials I created here:

  • First click on the link below.
  • Once the file opens, click on "present" in the top right corner
  • Ask the child to find the hidden object
  • Have the child tell you where the object is located with the necessary prepositional phase
  • Once the child answers the question, click the slide to "check the answer."
  • Tip - To make it interactive, you can have the child "click" the object and it will "circle it" as it advances to the next slide.
  • To keep practicing, click again to advance to the next slide

Christmas Prepositions Materials

Now on to the good stuff! For members, I have 4 presentations available:

  1. In VS On
  2. Over VS Under VS Next To
  3. In Front Of VS Behind
  4. Mixed Prepositions

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