Fall Verbs

Grammar can be a difficult to target during speech therapy sessions, but I have some tips and materials here with my fall verbs page based on the current research.

Keep reading to grab some free materials and therapy techniques. 

Theory Behind Fall Verbs Materials

As always, I was catching up on research reviews at Informed SLP. I read 2 reviews about grammar therapy: which verbs to pick for therapy stimuli and implicit vs explicit treatment approaches. 

My 2 takeaways for my new materials are:

  1. Children with language disorders should be explicitly taught grammar rules
  2. Therapy programs which contain "harder," "less common" verbs are more successful than therapy programs which contain only "common" verbs.

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Fall Verbs - What to work on?

As I started creating my materials, I used verbs that were "fall-based" such as gathered, harvested, and raked. Not only are seasonal materials cute and motivating for students, the verbs and vocabulary are more prevalent right now in conversation and at school. 

This is what I love!

This means, a speech student will work on verbs in my office and then hear them again during story time or even at home. In the Midwest, we talk a lot about raking in the fall. These multiple exposures do wonders for progress!

Also, I kept my research reviews in mind as I chose verbs. I picked some "easy" ones such "play" to teach verb tenses (explicit) and mixed them with harder ones to help speed up the process. 

Fall Verbs: Implicit Vs Explicit Teaching

The second article review that I read discussed how implicit teaching (i.e., recasting) might not be enough to teach grammar skills to children with language disorders. Therefore, I made some "drill-based" worksheets with varying cues. 

This is how I use the materials:

  1. I explicitly teach the rule:  (i.e., we add an -ed to a verb to make it past tense)
  2. Then, I complete the worksheet that ONLY works on the verb
  3. The next session I may do the next worksheet which does the past tense verb plus the direct object
  4. The next session, I review progress and if the child is doing well at the "drill level," I target past tense verbs in a literacy based task such as shared reading.
  5. When able, I bump up the level to structured conversation!


Fall Verbs Materials

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