Fall Vocabulary

Practice fall vocabulary in a MEANINGFUL way so your students/children/clients actually make progress. 

We all know that vocabulary is essential for successful communication, but it is more than just memorizing words. We must be able to relate them together, store them in meaningful ways, and be able to talk about them in daily conversation. 

The materials I have here for your today aim to do just that!

Vocabulary: Which words did I pick?

As you all know, I don't pick articulation OR language stimuli out of convenience. I put a lot of thought into which words I practice and why!

The vocabulary words here are tier 1 fall vocabulary words.

I picked tier 1 words:

  •  so my younger students could practice them AND 
  • my older students could practice vocabulary depth strategies, oral grammar, and categorization (more on that in a minute)

I plan on targeting tier 2 fall words in the next week or so so stay tuned!

Theory Behind These Materials

As I have said before, drilling vocabulary is almost pointless!

Instead, I place importance on vocabulary depth (how well you understand a word) rather than KINDA knowing a lot of words (vocab breadth)!

To achieve vocabulary depth, these materials focus on: 

  • background knowledge
  • explicit teaching
  • relating words together (i.e., categorization)
  • varied contexts/review

How I Use The Fall Materials

  1. First, I "quiz" the fall words using the flashcards. I probed to see what the child already knows.
  2. Next, I bring out the vocabulary "deep dive" worksheets and complete a few. These worksheets review vocabulary depth (group, function, location, parts, etc...).
  3. Then, I complete the Fall Vocabulary worksheets for the SAME words. It challenges the child to put the vocabulary depth work into complete sentences.
  4. On a later date, I will pull out the fall scene or category sort for varied context and to review!

Fall Vocabulary Materials

First off, if you are already a member of Speech Therapy Talk's Membership site, please head over there. All the materials are up on the site! 

Now, it is time review the materials (4 sections, 70 pages): 


  • 3 pages of colorful flashcards
  • Probe for current level of knowledge
  • Measure progress using flashcards
  • Use the cards in games, etc...

Vocabulary Deep Dive

  • 62 pages of vocabulary practice with an image prompt
  • 31 pages of practice to answer location, function, parts, category, background knowledge about each word
  • 31 pages of putting definitions in sentences with written/verbal prompts

Fall Scene

  • 2 pages of a printable scene and pictures that can be cut out and glued on the scene.
  • I like to use my "no hands" technique for this one!

Vocabulary Cut & Categorize

  • 1 page to cut out pictures
  • 1 page to glue on pictures in correct categories

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